What NOT to do on Facebook to get new Sales and Prospects?

There are so many different methods taught on using Facebook to get sales that it can be overwhelming!

To be honest, most of these methods do work as the secret is consistency and persistence.

Truth is that it’s all about finding a method that you resonate with and what I’m about to explain in this blog post is no different.

Hopefully, it resonates with you and I’ll have helped you find your groove.

What do most leaders tell you to do?

Before we get to what not to do, let’s talk about what most leaders tell you to do.

Most leaders will tell you to do these daily activities:

  • Grow your audience
  • Post regularly
  • Engage on other people’s posts
  • Connect with others
  • Have conversations with others

The leaders will teach what they mean by all that (and it varies a little) but most will end up doing what they think it means.

What you probably have been doing…

Growing your audience might have translated into getting followers or friends.

Posting regularly probably became sharing random posts without any goals.

Engaging on other people’s posts was just about scrolling through the news feed and commenting on those posts.

Connecting with others was just about clicking the button to send a friend request to random people.

Having conversations involved simply sending them a private message and referencing a post.

What is wrong with these activities?

At the surface, all these actions do align with that the leaders teach.

The main problem is that you end up letting Facebook decide your actions.

Of course, using a platform like Facebook does require us to follow their rules because it makes sense but also because they will put you in jail if you don’t!

I know I’ve been in Facebook jail more than once and I bet you have too!

So, the secret is to take control of your activities and to track them.

Do not do these things:

Do not post randomly without a plan.

Instead, know you audience, avatar and target market and your goals for your posts.

Do not simply grow your followers, fans and friends.

Instead, grow an email list (I use aWeberhttps://aweber.jsgagnon.com for free account)

Do not randomly engage on post in the news feed.

Instead, choose the profiles you want to engage with.

Do not send friend requests as a way to grow your audience.

Instead, find people in groups that are actually active.

Do not send random private messages to people.

Instead, engage on person’s profile posts for a while and then send them a PM.

How can you track your activities?

As you can see, taking control can certainly be a time consuming activity.

I mean, if you must wait to send a PM to someone after commenting on 10 of their posts over a period of 15 to 30 days, you will need to track how many posts for how many days it’s been.

Maybe Facebook will give us this data some day, but for now, we need to keep track of that in a document, a spreadsheet or maybe even a database!

Unless you’re a programmer you probably will find it a huge task to do that!

Not to mention that if you really want to build a business, you’ll need to track 10-20 people per day…

For example, if you choose to comment on 10 posts per day and wait 30 days before sending a PM, with a 5 day frequency per profile, you are going to have to track 50 profiles and 300 posts at least!

The easy way to track your activities

There is an easier way with a software I created called Active Group Users.

Get your free trial at https://ActiveGroupUsers.com and take control of your time on Facebook!

Yeah, I know, it seems like this is what this was all about but if you really want to take control of your time on Facebook and track your activities every day, this is the best solution out there.

With Active Group Users software, you tell it the groups your avatar hangs out in and it will get the list of the people that are actually posting and commenting in those groups.

That will tell you who is most active (who posts and comments the most) so you know you’re not wasting your time in the feed.

You can then go directly to their personal profiles and engage on their posts there.

The best part is that the software will track when and how often you’ve visited their profile so you know when the time is right to reach out to them.


Even though you can do the right things and avoid the wrong things on Facebook by simply tracking what you do yourself, it’s great when someone does it for you.

I’m not talking about automating your comments, reactions or posts on Facebook, but just finding the right users to engage with.

Those 20,000 group members are not all active, so knowing who’s actually posting can be a huge time saver.

Watch the video to get more details on this important topic.

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