How to use the BES (Build Engage Sell) framework on Facebook?

Let’s talk about the best way to make sales on social media the Build, Engage and Sell Framework.

I didn’t invent this framework, I learned it from a company called My Lead System PRO (MLSP)

MLSP is now Digital Mentors and they’ve been around since 2008 teaching and helping online marketers to get leads and sales on social media.

As the name implies, it’s about building your audience, then engaging your audience and finally selling to your audience.

How it all started for me

You can do it JS, just bring one or two new friend to the Saturday meetings every week and you’ll grow your business in no time!

That’s what my friend and sponsor told me when I explained how I felt I wasn’t getting any results in my MLM business I was building back in 2015.

I remember thinking how great it was that I was going to move to Montreal to build my business, I was surely going to meet tons of people and some would join me!

Well, I did bring a few friends to a few Saturday meetings but I just couldn’t do it enough to grow my business.

The solution I found online

Maybe it’s just an excuse but I decided to look online and searched for “How to building your MLM business online” and I found MLSP!

BTW, you can learn all about MLSP and Digital Mentors at

At first I was skeptical of course, but it didn’t take long for me to realize they really knew what they were talking about.

Eventually, I learned their BES framework and learned how to get leads and sales online, on social media and the rest, as they say, is history.

What is the BES framework?

In truth, the BES framework, of the Build Engage Sell framework is relatively simple.

What’s not so easy is learning all the skills required to execute it in a winning manner.

For example, the idea of building your audience might make you think of a dozen or more methods but they are not all equal in results.

That being said, the BES framework is indeed about Building, Engaging and Selling to your audience.

It may seem simple and obvious, but the true power is in understanding that before you can sell to your audience, you must engage it and before you can engage it, you must build it.

That’s the secret, the order is important and matters in the process.

How to Build your audience?

One of the most common mistakes online is that new marketers just start building their audience without doing the most important thing first!

Before you can build your audience, you need to know what kind of audience you want to build.

I don’t mean choosing between Instagram Followers, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections or email subscribers though.

What I mean is what kinds of person do you want in your audience.

Or more precisely, who is your avatar? Who if your perfect client? Who would you love to serve?

Before you build your audience, know you avatar!

Most marketers struggle with this, I know I did but it’s so very important to do.

Notice that I said it’s important to do – not that it’s important to get right.

Sure, getting it right is better, but just doing it is better than not, 1000x better!

Often, the fear is not knowing who your avatar is but flip it around, you choose who they are!

That’s right, just make a decision of who your avatar is and move forward! That’s it!

I won’t cover how to define your avatar here, but you can read the blog post

Steps to build your audience

You’re probably not going to be shocked that building your audience is key to your success.

Truth be told, if you build the wrong audience, no amount of engaging with produce sales.

Basically, it’s about doing the following:

  • Know your audience (define avatar)
  • Know your offer (what they get out of what you sell)
  • Prepare your profile
  • Create content they will relate to

After you’ve properly prepared yourself, the steps are simply to create content they will relate to and post daily.

If you post content they related to, they will start to follow you and you will begin to build your audience.

Of course, there’s more it to, but that’s the basic idea.

Engaging with your audience

As you build your audience, you will also want to engage with them.

What does that look like?

Well, on Facebook, it’s basically about replying to their comments on your posts, commenting on their posts and having conversations with them through messenger.

The idea here being that they need to trust you before they will buy from you and that will only happen after they know and like you.

If you are always responding to their comments, they will automatically start liking you, I mean, who doesn’t like someone who engages on their posts in a positive and kind way?

Selling to your audience

The last part of the BES framework is selling and they reason it’s last is because almost no one will buy from someone they do not know.

As you build and engage your audience, they will grow to know, like and trust you.

So, when you finally offer them a product or a service that solves their problem (you did create content that your idea prospect would relate to right?), they will buy.

I know that’s simplistic, but it really is that simple.

Sure, the process and the actions you need to take aren’t necessarily easy, but they are simple.


If there’s one thing you should take in from this post, it’s that you can accomplish your online sales goals as long as you set the foundation right.

Defining your avatar and offer clearly is crucial to having the BES framework produce results.

This episode was a little different as you’ll see in the video in the sense that I went for a walk to record the video.

Watch that video to learn more about this topic and we’ll see you on the inside.

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