How to Get List of Most Active Users in YOUR Targeted Groups?

One of the best places to find your ideal prospects is in Facebook groups.

Pretty much every guru, coach and leader will tell you to join groups your ideal prospects hangs out in.

They then tell you to engage in that group by posting, commenting and replying to other posts and comments.

Some will even tell you (I don’t) to send private messages and friend requests to members you find in those groups.

Why not send them PMs and friend requests?

I know that if you send Private messages and friend requests to random members in those groups, you can get some results.

Personally, I don’t like the returns though – you might have to contact hundreds of people before getting a single sale – that’s just not for me.

Since you’re continuing to read, I’ll go ahead and assume that’s not for you either.

I’d much rather find a way to increase those odds! Wouldn’t you?

It all starts with finding the right prospects

Before we go into how to increase the odds, let’s talk about who the “right” prospects are.

Of course, they are your target market, you avatar but if reaching out to them via PMs and Friend requests gives us such low results, what’s the better way?

It’s Attraction Marketing but with a twist and a few secrets that the gurus won’t tell you!

The promise of attraction marketing is that your prospects see your posts so they get to know you, but how do you make sure they do?

The most active users

Because of the way Facebook works, the best prospects are the one who are actually active on Facebook.

You know, the ones that post on their timeline so you can go comment on their stuff because that what anyone posting on Facebook actually wants.

No one on Facebook who posts something will ever get upset or annoyed at someone who comments genuinely on their post but they will ignore or even block a random PM or friend request.

You can find those active prospects by going to the groups and looking at members or who’s posting and commenting and then going to their profile to see how often they post but that’s too much work!

Getting list of most active users

What if I could give you the list of the users that are actually active in the groups you choose?

That’s right, you can get the list of the users that are posting and commenting in the groups where your avatar hangs out in.

You then use that list to engage on their posts on their profile which causes them to start to notice you.

That’s the true power of attraction marketing – being able to control who sees your stuff.

Just like email marketing where the potential is that all subscribers could see your email.

How to get list of most active users?

I can just hear you asking “where do I get that list?” and I’ll tell you that right now.

You could do it yourself by doing the following:

  1. Go to the groups your avatar hangs out in and look at the posts
  2. Take note of who posted the post and who commented on it
  3. Keep track of those names and count how many posts they posted and how many comments the made.
  4. Create a list of users and sort them by who posted the most and who commented the most.

That’s the list of active users – the ones who post the most and comment then most in the group.

Pretty simple right? No so easy and quick though.

Use software to do it for you

I don’t know about you, but doing something repetitively over a long time gets on my nerves!

Maybe that’s because I’m a programmer and I know I can automate repetitive tasks with software.

I was worried about using automated software with Facebook though because people told me all kinds of stories about using bots.

The cool thing about this software is that it’s not a bot and just reproduces what you would do, along with random delays to make sure it behaves like a human too.

Imaging having the software find the active users for you!

What is this revolutionary software?

The software I’m talking about is called “Active Group Users” or AGU and all you need to do is to tell it the groups you want it to search in.

You can get a free 14 day trial at or watch the demo for your chance to get 90 days free access at

Every day, AGU will check the groups you tell it for users who posted and commented.

Over time, AGU will allow you to easily see who is most active and enable you to focus your activities on Facebook.

By focusing on the active users and engaging on their posts, you will take control of your attraction marketing results!


As an online marketer who uses attraction marketing to get sales, your goal should be to constantly grow your audience and fill it with people who learn to know you and like you.

By using Active Group Users software, or AGU, you will be miles ahead of your competition who just randomly engages on Facebook news feed.

Watch the video to get more insights into this important topic.

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