How to use the power of Attraction Marketing on Facebook?

There’s no denying that Attraction Marketing is very powerful when used right.

On social media, like Facebook, it can be the best marketing strategy you’ll ever use!

Most don’t take full advantage of it, I certainly do not right now, but I know why.

I’m not going to make excuses because my reason is just about dedicating time to the right activities which is most likely your reasons too.

What is Attraction Marketing anyway?

I’m sure you’ve heard that attraction marketing is the process used in marketing to cause a prospect to reach out to you.

Taken that way, it’s basically what all advertising is about, getting people to reach out to the advertiser and buy their product.

However, on social media, it’s also about getting people to know, like and trust you, the person, not the company or product.

Although, you could use attraction marketing on a company or product, we will be focusing on a person.

What do you need to do to use Attraction Marketing?

If we are to talk about Facebook, then it makes sense to talk about marketing a person.

We want to market you, your life, your likes and what you are about as a person.

What are your values, what do you want to help people with and why should they want your help.

One of the most important things about attraction marketing is to know who you are trying to attract and what your product will do for them.

Next step is to come up with content to share that your ideal prospect will react to.

Lastly, there are activities you must do regularly, preferably every day, to make this work.

What are the activities to do for Attraction Marketing to work?

As mentioned before, you’ll need to create content your perfect prospect will be interested in.

That can be done randomly every day or, better yet, planed ahead for best results.

One thing that is supper important is to include yourself in the posts, what you are about as well as pictures of you.

Remember, you want your perfect prospect to connect with you, so seeing your face often is best way to do that.

Other than that, you need to be engaging on your perfect prospects posts.

Why can’t you just engage of posts in feed?

When I started online, I just posted random stuff I thought people would be interested in and randomly engaged on posts in my news feed.

It seemed to work fine as my page likes grew (now they are called Follows) to as much as 23,000!

The problem was that those 23,000 likes (or followers) didn’t really care much for my stuff.

That’s because I randomly posted and randomly engaged on posts.

If you want true fans and real results, you need to take control of your posting but more importantly of your engagements.

What’s the better way to engage on posts?

There are 3 types of posts that are going to get you the proper results.

  1. Your own posts – replying to comments from others on your posts
  2. Posts in groups that your perfect prospect hangs out in – comment on posts in those groups
  3. Posts of your perfect prospects on their profile – comment on their posts that they posted

The first two types are relatively easy to find and comment on, but number three isn’t that obvious.

I mean, how do you find your perfect prospects so you can comment on their posts?

Aren’t they in your news feed?

Sure, some might be, but you can’t rely on Facebook to show your their posts because Facebook will just show you want it wants to show you.

How can you find your perfect prospects?

Ideally, your perfect prospects are people who fall into these categogies:

  1. They are member of the groups you have determined they’d be interested in.
  2. They post or comment regularly in the group.
  3. They are active on Facebook and post regularly to their timeline.

As you might imagine, finding the people who have all 3 characteristics isn’t the easiest thing to do.

You’d basically have to check the group every day to see who is posting and commenting and then check their profiles to see if they post there too.

What if there was software that could find them for you?

Imagine having a list of the most active users in the groups you chose.

That list of users would be the ones who post and comment the most in the groups.

Then al that’s left is finding out if they post regularly in their timeline.

What would you give to have a list like that?

There’s a tool called Active Group Users that does just that!

The best part is that you can get a free trial! Get it at


It’s possible to use the power of Attraction Marketing on Facebook but doing the right actions is not the easiest thing to do without the right tools.

You should be posting regularly, preferably every day, posts that your perfect prospect will be interested in and that often, if not always, include you in the post.

You should be commenting on your perfect prospects posts and reply to comments on your posts.

Find your perfect prospects by using Active Group Users Software with the free trial.

Watch the video to see more on this important topic.

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