What is Attraction Marketing and How to Use it on Facebook?

I bet you already know that Attraction Marketing is about attracting people to you.

I’ll also go on a limb and suggest you already know that you need to post content on Facebook to attract them to you.

You might even think you need to create some ads and spend some money, after all, it is marketing.

All that may be true but what if I told you you didn’t have to do any ads and that ads don’t always help.

Sure, if you really know what you’re doing and have lots of money to spend on ads, go for it, but I’ll show you how to use Facebook without ads.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Let’s clear the definition of Attraction Marketing.

The truth is that any marketing is meant to attract people to something, that’s the whole reason marketers spend on ads.

Just think about a TV commercial talking about some new thing you’ve never heard about.

If it’s done just right and you see it enough times, you’ll start to want that thing and may very well go out an buy it.

On Social Media, like Facebook, we talk about Personal Branding along with Attraction Marketing because social platforms are about people.

If you try to promote a product on Facebook, it will be very very hard to build any momentum because people don’t care to hear about that on Facebook

Why Personal Branding?

So, what happens is that you need to promote you, which is what Personal Branding is all about.

I know, I know, you’re on social media because you don’t want to talk to people, I get it.

Well, maybe not you, but lots of people want to avoid that and think using online marketing, in Facebook is the answer.

Unfortunately, you do need to talk to people to make sales, at least until you have others who tell their friends how amazing you and your product is.

What that means is that you will need to build a personal brand and promote it, not your product.

Then you can talk to people who reach out to you because of Attraction Marketing.

What do you need to do first?

Before you can do that, you absolutely, 100% need to do the following:

  • Define your avatar
  • Define your offer
  • Define your personal brand
  • Setup your profile properly

I’m not going to go into too much detail here on those because I cover them in many other blog posts, but if you don’t define your avatar and your offer, it’ll be like shooting darts in the dark while spinning around.

You can check out this post on how to define your avatar: Course Income Secrets #456 – Why is it so important to define your Avatar?

And this post about defining your offer: Course Income Secrets – Define your offer (step 4 of 12 to YOUR Online Success)

As for your Personal Brand, it’s usually just you, so defining it is pretty simple but you could do things like decide your colors and fonts too, but that’s not for Facebook unless you post lots of images created in tools like canva.

You can learn more about your personal brand here: Course Income Secrets #207 – First Steps to Building a Business online with Personal Branding

Lastly, get the profile profits cheat sheet at https://ppc.jsgagnon.com.

What is the journey you want for your prospect?

Just like any marketing, your goal is to get a sale and the way you do that is to cause your prospect to go through this journey:

  1. Has no clue who you are or even that you exist.
  2. Has seen you on Facebook but still has no clue who you are.
  3. Has seen you on Facebook enough times to have a clue about you.
  4. Has seen you on Facebook even more and know actually likes you because you are about things they like.
  5. Has seen you on Facebook so much that they know what you are about and like everything about you.
  6. Knows enough about you that they trust you and would buy from you if the right offer came to them.

After they buy from you, they become a huge fan of you and usually will buy more from you.

That’s a big difference with promoting products, even if someone buys that product, chances are they won’t become a huge fan of it.

What do most gurus tell you to do?

On Facebook, everything is about posting and commenting on other posts.

Most gurus will simply tell you to post daily, comment on posts in news feed (or in groups) and send friend requests or private messages to 5-10 new people every day.

I did that for the first few years and it did work somewhat because it does accomplish part of the journey by making them see you and possibly even know what you are about.

The problem though is that in, just my guess, 90% of the cases, it’s way too early to connect with them.

They have no clue who you are yet so most will not be in the state you’d want them to and will very likely ignore your message or friend request.

How can you make your prospect follow that journey?

But, if you simply comment on their posts, they will see you in those comments and in their notifications each time (well, most times cause Facebook doesn’t show all notifications)

By regularly commenting on their posts, they will naturally progress through that journey.

Eventually, they will actually go check your profile and comment on your posts which will cause Facebook to show them your posts in their news feed as well.

There’s no way to avoid the natural progression they will make towards liking and trusting you.

Of course, that’s as long as you don’t do anything stupid, like totally change your content or stop posting for 6 months!

It’s not the easiest thing though

It’s pretty cool how we can use Attraction Marketing in this way on Facebook and cause prospects to grow in their knowledge of you.

I must admit though that it is not easy to always find new people or to make sure you are visiting their profiles all the time.

You might be aware that Facebook will not show you their posts in the news feed, so you must visit their profile for this to work.

However, keeping track of how often you visited their profile and how long ago you have so you know it’s time to visit them again, is definitely a big deal to do.

Using software to make is mindlessly easy

For, me, anything I do that is repetitive but important is a candidate for software.

As a programmer, I love to create software for myself but even more to help others.

So, I created a software called Active Group Users to do just what we talked about here.

You can learn more about it by watching the demo at https://agudemo.com or getting a 14 day trial at https://activegroupusers.com but watch the demo and get 90 days trial.

You give the groups you want to search for your perfect prospects in and it gives you a list of the people who posted in the groups or who commented on posts in those groups.

Then, you use that list of people to visit their profiles and it will track for you when it’s time to visit their profile again.


I use that software every single day to visit 20 perfect prospects profiles and comments on their posts.

You can be sure that those that had no clue who I was, know most of what I’m about.

The best part is that people post on Facebook so that others comment and react to their posts, so when you do that, you’re automatically doing something they want which makes them automatically like you!

Crazy right? Who knew it would be that simple?

Make sure to watch the video as I talk more about this important topic.

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