What are Top 10 post types for Attraction Marketing?

One thing’s for sure about Attraction Marketing: you need to create content!

You could just post stuff randomly as it comes to you which I’ve done plenty of times.

Or you could do what I did when I started, spam people and post about your product and company.

But that doesn’t work very well as you’ll discover after a while.

You really need to understand the top 10 post types and use them properly.

Where did I learn these 10 post types?

Before I get into it, I want to give a shout out to Erin Birch – she’s been a great inspiration to me since 2015 and she created a course to explain these post types.

You can get it at https://top10posts.jsgagnon.com/ and as of this writing, that is free but it may not be forever.

She does a much better job than me explaining the post types as well and I I hope I can do justice to it.

What are the 10 post types?

Here’s the 10 post types you should be posting:

  1. Lifestyle posts
  2. Value posts
  3. Quotes posts
  4. Entertainment posts
  5. Story posts
  6. Engagement posts
  7. Social proof/results posts
  8. Business opportunity posts
  9. Product curiosity posts
  10. Facebook lives

That’s the list and without going into details you might have a good clue what each post types are, but there 2 things you need to consider.

  • How many of each post type you should use in a week or month
  • What the purpose of these posts are

How many of each post type should you use?

Before explaining each post type and what it’s purpose is, let’s talk about frequency of use.

You could just do 10% of each post type over time and that would work pretty well, but some posts are more important that others not to mention that some are more detrimental to use too much.

This breakdown is not the only way to do this, but it’s based on my personal experience and looks like this:

Post typePercent of totalCount per week for 20 totalCount per week for 10 total
Social proof5%1.5
Biz op5%1.5

Of course when we say 0.5 posts in a week, that just means one week out of two you post that type.

Post Type 1: Lifestyle posts

One of the most important post types is the lifestyle posts.

It can be as simple as a picture of your family, your pet, your Christmas tree, your house or your car… or it can be about your trip to Peru, your Bungee jump or the white water rafting video.

Lifestyle posts are meant to show what you’re about and get people to know and like you.

After all, that’s the basis of Attraction Marketing, getting prospects to know and like you, right?

Post Type 2: Value posts

Value posts are about giving them something for nothing.

I remember when I started, I struggled to understand what that meant, I mean, what is “value”?

Look at it this way, anything that someone is willing to give you something in return is value.

The most valuable commodity your prospect can give you is their time and attention.

If you can teach them something, the will not only like you but they will begin to trust you because they will see you as an authority on the topic.

Post Type 3: Quotes posts

Everybody loves quotes!

At least quotes about things they care about.

So, when you know who your target market is, you can post a few quotes from leaders in that space.

Don’t over do it though because they may think you know nothing and that you can’t teach them anything yourself.

Post Type 4: Entertainment posts

Another staple in the post types list is entertainment.

This why platforms like TikTok and why Reels are doing so amazing which people doing silly things or dancing.

People love to be entertained either by humor or amazement.

This post type is a combination of delivering value (entertains them in exchange for their time) and getting them to know and like you.

Post Type 5: Story posts

Your story is your most valuable asset.

Creating posts that tell a part of your story is critical to all aspects of Attraction Marketing.

When you tell your story, they get to relate to you as well get to know you.

Remember, attraction marketing is about attracting your perfect prospects so you want to attract those who relate to your story as you will better relate to them too.

The simple story format is: before, discovered and now.

For example, I used to wake up every hour overnight, then I discovered a supplement and now I sleep like a baby.

Or, I used to struggle to put gas in my car, then I discovered affiliate marketing and now I can fill up my car every time.

Post Type 6: Engagement posts

Part of the reason you post on Facebook is because you want people to learn to know, like and trust you.

If people don’t see your posts, that can’t happen, so Facebook must show your posts in other people’s feed.

You might know this, but Facebook is a reciprocal algorithm which means, they do for you when you do for them.

Engagement posts are meant to get others to engage on them by asking a question for example.

You can do that with pretty much any post but the difference is the question in the post.

It can be as simple as adding “do you agree” to your post.

The reason these are important is that Facebook will share future posts more when you are getting engagement on your posts.

Post Type 7: Social proof/results posts

Part of building your Personal Brand online is letting people know you’ve had the results they want.

A Social proof post lets them know that you know how to get them the results you are promising because you’ve gotten those results youself.

If you’re starting out, you can also use results from other people that you are working with.

It can be rank advancements, income proof, rewards received, certificates, etc…

Post Type 8: Business Opportunity posts

A Business Opportunity post is to let them know what you are offering them in terms of joining your business or team.

Of course this may not apply to all businesses, like if you’re selling t-shirts, this may not apply.

Be careful with this type of post though, you want to make it less often and you do not want to mention your company name either.

I know, some will tell say you shouldn’t be hiding your company name but believe me, if they know your company name, they will Google it.

If they look it up, one of two things will happen. Either they will find a bunch of negative reviews and no join you… or they will find someone else with more experience and join them.

Post Type 9: Product curiosity posts

If you’re selling a product or a service, you can post about it in a way that doesn’t give away it’s name.

You’re not trying to hide it, just not wanting them to Google it, just them as your business name.

What you are trying to accomplish here is talk about the benefits of your product, not the features.

For example, talking about how it has ingredient X isn’t going to get you much, but letting them know how well you sleep since taking it will.

Post Type 10: Facebook lives

Lastly, Facebook lives can really make a difference in your Attraction Marketing results.

It may not be as efficient today as it was 5 years ago, but it’s still one of the best ways to get people to really see you as you are and engage with you in a live setting.

I know many worry about doing live videos and some never do them because of that but it would really be good if you did.

Just think of it like going somewhere in person – whatever people see there is not much different than a live video.

Yeah, I know, the live video is also recorded and people can replay to see your tong twist or your pimple but you can still delete it after.


There you have it, the top 10 post types for Attraction Marketing.

This certainly isn’t the only post types or even the definitive list of post types you need to use, but it gives you a good idea to get started.

I know I’ve used this list of post types to help me decide in times of indecision and you can do that too.

As mentioned, you can get Erin Birch’s course and post type list from https://top10posts.jsgagnon.com/.

Watch the video too as I also show you a little of that course in there.

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