What are Top 3 Activities Essential for Attraction Marketing?

No matter what method, formula or process you are using, you need to do these 3 things!

That being said, before even taking these simple and quick daily actions, you must be prepared for your prospects.

Imagine doing all the daily activities the leaders tell you to do and not be prepared for your prospects?

That’s like watering your plants regularly but never having put them in a pot with dirt in a dark room?

That poor plant would just rot after a while because you didn’t prepare it right.

Same can be said about doing these 3 activities without proper preparation!

Why is preparation so important?

Before you can take the top 3 activities on, you must do these initial setup tasks.

These tasks are what most online marketers fail to do when they get started.

I know I did and even today, it’s still something I’m working on.

It’s true though that you’ll still learn plenty by doing the activities I outline below, but you’ll soon understand why the preparation is so critical.

What is the preparation required for Attraction Marketing to work?

The good thing about the preparation is that, if you do it right, you may never have to do it again.

It can be a one time thing – just keep in mind though that, if you’re like me, you might re-do this a few times before you find your true success.

All right, here it goes… the preparation tasks are:

  1. Know your offer
  2. Know your avatar
  3. Setup your profile

Sounds simple right?

Well, I’m not going to go into the details of what is meant by that but here are some other blog post that cover these topics:

What are the Top 3 Activities Essential for Attraction Marketing?

All right, so one you have properly prepared your profile and know what who your audience is and what you are offering then, you are ready to do the activities.

Here are the Top 3 Activities Essential for Attraction Marketing:

  1. Post regularly
  2. Engage on other people’s posts
  3. Reply to comments

I bet you’re thinking: “Well, duh, I know that!”

If so, my question is, are you doing that and are you getting the results you want?

My guess is you are doing it but not getting the results you want – otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post.

Am I right? Great, so let’s get to the problem… but first make sure we are clear on what those 3 activities entail…

Activity #1- Post regularly

It might seem like a simple thing to do, and in most cases it is, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

You need to decide on a schedule, content type & message and stick to it as best you can.

Platforms care about consistency because humans do and the platform wants to duplicate human behavior and desires.

Your content must be interesting to your avatar and help them know why your offer can help them.

But, more importantly, you must not post about your offer directly and too often which is where the personal content comes in as well.

Watch my next blog post for help with your content planing.

Activity #2 – Engage on other people’s posts

One of the most important recent changes in social platform algorithms is reciprocity.

They know that humans are like that, scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, so if all you do is post content, nothing much will happen!

Maybe that’s something you’ve struggled with in past, posting then crickets! I know I have!

The reciprocity means that if you want people to comment on your posts, you must comment on theirs.

Of course, platforms like Facebook don’t make it so literal, instead it’s the general idea.

That’s why that if you comment on posts in the feed, Facebook will show your posts in other people’s feed.

Perhaps more importantly, people who’s posts you comment on will notice and like you which is the first step towards attracting them to you.

Activity #3 – Reply to comments

If you post the right content, meaning what your avatar is interested in, and you engage on other people’s posts, you’ll get comments on your posts.

Replying to their comments is super important because without that, they may never comment again!

if there’s one universal truth about Attraction Marketing, it’s that you need to be seen multiple times before you are noticed, so keep at it!

What else do you need to be doing?

Now, keep in mind that these 3 activities are not the only ones you need to do, but doing them isn’t really optional.

Without those activities, you will 100% struggle to attract people to you and get any sales.

I remember when I started, my mentor told me that the real secret was talking to people on the phone or in person.

Today, that might be a zoom or Facebook video call but it’s still the fastest way for someone to remember you.

Unfortunately, we all avoid that, myself included, and wonder why it takes so long to get results!

How to call only those who actually want you to call them?

If there’s one thing almost all of us despise is wasting time calling people who say no to us!

Sure, leaders say you have to go through the nos to get to the yeses but do you really have to?

That’s the promise of Attraction Marketing… just post the right content, engage and they see your stuff and buy from you!

Right? The problem though is that it can take years of hard work.

What if I told you there was a way to short circuit that process?

Let’s be honest, the most frustrating part of any sales process is calling people, especially when 90% of them don’t want us to.

The real secret is tracking and focus!

In any sales activities, knowing exactly where a prospect is in their journey is the single most helpful thing you can know about them.

But, how do you know that on social media? In the Attraction Marketing space?

You know it by tracking what you are doing.

Sure, you could track t on paper, in a spreadsheet or some other basic tools.

I did that but got tired of it very quickly which is why I created a software to help me track my activities.

I call it Active Group Users and you can get a free trial at https://ActiveGroupUsers.com/trial/

Not only will it track your activity, but it will give you list of users that you should be engaging on their posts too!


As you can see, the really are just 3 activities you need to be doing daily and they are quite simple to do.

It’s also super important to prepare your profile, know your offer and who your avatar is as well because without that you may as well be throwing darts in the dark.

Imagine knowing that you can know for a fact that you could contact someone and they would be interested in hearing from you!

Crazy but true! You can do that too!

Watch the video to see and hear about this important topic.

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