What is a Perfect Prospect and How to Find them?

If you’re a network marketer or an affiliate marketer you know you need prospects to make those sales.

Most likely, you are doing what I did when I got started.

You’re probably commenting on tons of post in groups and sending private messages and friend requests to 10-20 people per day.

Am I right?

While that does produce some results, you’re probably getting less than 1 sale for every 100 people you talk to… not great numbers.

Why do we do these crazy things for such small results?

That’s a good question and I think there are 2 main reasons:

  1. We believe what the leaders say because that’s how they got their results.
  2. We know it’s all a numbers game and it’s easy enough to do those steps.

What if I told you there was a way to get 10x and even 100x results using the same process but by focusing activity on specific target prospects?

I know, 10x, let alone 100x results sounds totally insane but you might believe 2x or 5x, right?

Well, either way, any improvement on 1% (or less) results is something worth looking into, right?

What is a perfect prospect anyway?

Before moving on, let’s be clear on what I mean by a perfect prospect.

Simply put, a perfect prospect is one that buys from you…

You’re probably thinking that it’s impossible to find them before they actually buy from you.

I’d have to say you’re not entirely wrong about that but you’ll see as we explain this more how it’s actually possible.

What is the PIP and what are the prospect types?

You might have heard me talking about the PIP which is the 3 prospect types.

I call it the PIP because they are Potential, Ideal and Perfect prospects.

The Potential prospects are basically everyone. They are people who might be a good target but you have no clue yet.

The Ideal prospects are those who you’ve identified are closest to your avatar, your target market. They are the ones who need your offer, those who hang out in groups your avatar is in.

The Perfect prospect is the one who actually grows to know, like and trust you and eventually buys from you.

What it takes to be able to find your Perfect Prospects?

In a way, you don’t really find your perfect prospect, they find you.

The process to have them find you is basically what attraction marketing is all about.

You do need to know your avatar, know your offer and create content your avatar would relate to.

Learn how to identify and define your avatar clearly in my free eBook at https://avatar.jsgagnon.com.

Of course, you also need to have a properly setup profile so when they visit it, they know who you are, what you’re about and how you can help them.

Learn how to setup your profile for profile in the free eBook at https://ppc.jsgagnon.com.

How do you find your Perfect prospects?

Ok, so how do you find those prospects then?

Truthfully, your find them my by having them find you.

You see the biggest problem you probably have is that you want to wait for people to reach out to you but you know that few ever will so you try to talk to everyone you can.

What if you didn’t have to do that?

What if you could 10x or even 100x your results with 10x less activities?

The simple process of finding your perfect prospects.

It’s really as simple as this process:

  1. Find the groups where your ideal prospects hang out in.
  2. Get list of the users that actually post and comment in those groups.
  3. Use that list to decide which people’s profiles you visit and comment on their personal posts.

The hard part is this though:

  • You will need to track who’s profile you visited and when so you don’t waste time visiting them every day or forget to visit them regularly.
  • You will need to continuously check the groups for new people posting.
  • You will need to count how many posts and comments each person posts so you know who’s more active.

I did that manually for a while and even though the results are worth it, I needed a better way!

The best way to find your perfect prospects

As a programmer, I know there was a way to create software that could do all that manual work for you.

I create a software called Active Group Users which finds the users for you and tracks your visits to their profiles.

Once you give it your list of groups, it will go find the users that post and comment in those groups.

You then use the list to visit those profiles and AGU will keep track of when you visited them for you.

Nifty, right?

Where can you get Active Group Users software?

Of course you can learn about Active Group Users software from the main web site at https://activegroupusers.com which lists the steps to get it setup.

From there you can get a free 14 day trial or go to https://www.activegroupusers.com/trial for direct access to trial.

As of this writing though, you can get a free 90 day trial by attending the demo webinar at https://agudemo.com – not sure that’s still available when you read this.


As you can see, the process to find your perfect prospects isn’t too complicated but it can be quite time consuming if you do the tracking yourself.

Thankfully, with Active Group Users software, you can save all that time and focus on those income generating activities!

Watch the video to learn even more about the process and the software!

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