How to Share UNIQUE content to OVER 30 platforms in 30 minutes?

You surely see how leaders post on all platforms but might be thinking you have no time for that!

I get it, creating a piece of content easily takes 15 to 30 minutes and often more than an hour!

So how can you possibly have the time to post unique and different content on even 5 platforms, let alone 30?

There is a way to balance your time to create content and share to over 30 platforms and you can do it in as little as 30 minutes!

What are other ways to syndicate content

In the world of news and traditional media, there’s a concept called syndication.

Syndication means to take content, or a news story, and share it everywhere.

Basically, you posts your story on the news wire and any publishers that want can take your story and share it.

On social media, you could:

  1. Post to one platform and share link of that post to others.
  2. Post same content (text, images, videos) on multiple platforms.
  3. Ask others to post your content for you.

What is wrong with traditional syndication?

The problem with using those methods is that the social platforms want unique content.

They will not share your links or duplicated content as much as unique content.

For example, if you upload a YouTube video and then share the link to it on Facebook, you will probably have no one react or comment on it.

The reason is that Facebook doesn’t want people to leave Facebook, so they won’t share the post on other people’s timelines so no one sees you post.

What is the best way to post everywhere?

It may come as no surprise that leaders like Russell Brunson, Eric Worre, Tony Robbins or Dwayne Johnson have teams of people working for them.

These teams take content and customize it for each platform before posting it.

Another option is to record a different video or take a new picture for each platform so it’s unique everywhere.

Obviously, you know that those options require lots of money or lots of time – either of which you don’t have and I get that!

Where is the middle ground – what can you do to share unique content?

This is where the Click eCourse Syndication engine comes in!

BTW, get free trial at

Imagine recording a video and letting the engine create as many unique pieces from that video for you!

The engine can create images from the video, the audio output, gifs, images with overlays, videos with subtitles burned in as well as shortened videos with unique headers and trailers!

For example, you could create different videos for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook, each with different lengths and their own intro bit.

How does Click eCourse Syndication engine help?

With the Click eCourse syndication engine, you only need to record ONE video.

You then setup the syndication rules and upload that video.

The syndication engine then spits out all the content you need for all your platforms you choose to post on.

What is left is for you to upload and post to all the platforms.

The best part is that you only need to setup the rules once and every time you create a new video, you just need to upload it and the syndication engine does the rest!

How can you share to over 30 platforms in 30 minutes?

Now this is the big secret.

By using the syndication engine to create all your content, you’ll be able to focus on more important tasks because sharing unique content will be so quick.

You can create whatever content you want but here’s what I do:

  • Publish YouTube video
  • Publish blog post which is picked up by OnlyWire and shared to:
    • Blogger
    • LiveJournal
    • WordPress
    • Pocket
    • Instapaper
    • Reddit
    • Pinterest
  • Post 5 minute trimmed video with 10 second snippet at beginning, an intro and a trailer to:
    • LinkedIn profile with unique LinkedIn post text.
    • LinkedIn pages.
    • Share profile post to 5-10 LinkedIn groups.
    • Facebook page with unique Facebook post content.
      • Then share to Facebook profile.
      • Then share to 10-15 Facebook groups.
  • Write LinkedIn article using blog post as source and share to Twitter.
  • Post 2 minute trimmed video with 10 second snippet at beginning, an intro and a trailer to Twitter.
  • Post 5 minute vertical video (Reel format) to Instagram.
  • Posts 5 minute video to Click eCourse in Alexa “course”
    • Automatically shared to Alexa Skills Course Income Secrets episode
  • Post to Click eCourse Course Income Secrets “course”
  • Upload to Soundcloud with unique thumbnail and text which also automatically shares it to
    • Apple iTunes
    • Stitcher podcasts
    • iHeart radio podcasts
    • Google podcasts
  • Add email to aWeber broadcast list with GIF image and unique text
  • Record a 60 second story on Snapchat and save it on phone to then share it to:
    • Instagram stories
    • Facebook stories
    • YouTube shorts
    • Facebook Reels
    • Instagram Reels
    • TikTok stories
    • TikTok feed
    • MeWe

All that takes about 30 minutes – and it’s over 30 platforms!


I bet you’re thinking of all kinds of ways you can use the Syndication engine!

I’ve been using it for years now and it’s a total game changer for someone who doesn’t really have the time to create different content or doesn’t have the funds to hire big teams!

The coolest though is how I’ve been able to share to so many platforms every week.

Watch the video to see how you could share to over 30 platforms in only 30 minutes!

And don’t forget to share this post and video with your friends, just click on the social icons.

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