Top 3 Secrets to Finding YOUR Perfect Prospects

If there’s one thing all online marketers want and need, it’s perfect prospects.

I’ve been talking about the 3 types of prospects in my Facebook Reels, Potential, Ideal and Perfect.

You can check it out here:

Truth is that you can’t really “find” perfect prospects without doing some extra work.

Let’s talk about what that work is and how easy it actually is to do but first this…

What is a perfect prospect?

The short answer is that a perfect prospect is someone who actually buys from you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pick them out from a list of group members on Facebook?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible – sure you can guess and throw darts and you might hit a few but truthfully, doing that will just get you banned on Facebook.

Perfect prospects are found using a simple process which starts with finding your ideal prospects.

What are ideal prospects?

To find your perfect prospects, you need to start with your ideal prospects.

Ideal prospects are those that are like your avatar, they are the people who are interested in what you offer but don’t know you yet.

As you surely know, before a prospect buys from you, then need to know, like and trust you and this happens automatically by them seeing your content on Facebook.

That’s why leaders tell you to simply setup your profile, post regularly and engage on other’s posts.

These 3 things are definitely super important and must be done if you want to attract your perfect prospects.

But, working smarter and not harder is how you can find them faster!

What are the 3 secrets to finding your perfect prospects?

There’s really 3 things that most entrepreneurs do when they discover how the attraction marketing game works.

  1. They spend all their time in the newsfeed and groups, or as much as then can.
  2. They start to use tools like spreadsheets to track their activity.
  3. They start to use software and bots to do work for them and get blocked.

Have you done any of these things trying to short-circuit the time it takes to grow your audience?

That’s ok don’t tell me, but I can tell you I certainly have!

So the secrets are really this:

  • Secret 1: You only need to spend 30 minutes on Facebook!
  • Secret 2: You don’t need to spend extra time in spreadsheets!
  • Secret 3: Using software to track is safe to use on Facebook.

Let’s get into those 3 secrets…

Secret 1: You only need to spend 30 minutes a day on Facebook

It’s true, engaging on the posts in the news feed and in groups does most definitely get people to notice you.

Problem is that we get addicted to those small results and feel like every minute spent is a minute that helps and that can be true, but there’s a problem.

You end up engaging on posts that Facebook wants you to and those are not your perfect prospects.

What if you had a list of your ideal prospects and you could use that list to engage on just the right people’s posts?

You can focus your attention on just the ideal prospects ensuring you can find your perfect prospects!

I spend only 30 minutes a day engaging on posts of only 20 of my most targeted, ideal prospects and you can too!

Tracking your activity makes a world of difference

When I first realized that a prospect would grow to know like and trust every time I commented on their posts, I started tracking that.

I would put in their profile url in a spreadsheet and enter when I visited their profile, how many posts I commented on.

I’d then use that spreadsheet to know if my last visit to their profile was more than a week so I knew when it was time to check it out again.

This was gold! I knew (from what all leaders say) that these prospects would automatically know and like me because I was commenting on their posts and I could have much better conversations with them after enough time had passed.

Imagine how much time you’d spend tracking that though!

Secret 2: You don’t need to spend extra time on spreadsheets

After doing that for a few months, I know there was a better way.

Sure, using a spreadsheet can be done in a way which is less time consuming than what I was doing but what if you didn’t need it at all?

I mean, Facebook has lots of information but what if there was an automated way to track when you visit a profile?

So I created a software that tracks all that for me.

Every time I visit a profile, it records the date and time and tells me how many visits in last month, or year even!

it’s called Active Group Users and you can get a free trial at

Secret 3: Using software to track is safe to use on Facebook

I bet you’ve heard about all those bots that get people blocked on Facebook.

You might worry about using software to automate your tracking but you don’t have too.

There’s a big difference between using software that simulates your actions, such as reactions or comments versus one that just tracks what you are already doing.

There is no danger to use a software that just tracks what you do and there is a huge benefit to being able to answer questions like “when did I last visit this person’s profile”


Imagine focusing your efforts on just the perfect prospects?

You think you could get more sales in a shorter amount of time?

You bet you could and you would for sure!

Watch the video to learn more about this critical topic.

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