How to Use Active Group Users software to build your KLT?

Are you tired of wasting your time on Facebook?

If you’re like I was, you’re tired of going to the news feed or groups to comment on posts and not getting any results.

I know the feeling that you’re just never done commenting and reacting to those posts in the news feed.

It’s exhausting and seems like you never have time for anything else!

Not to mention that you need to post content, connect and have conversations!

But first things first – what am I talking about when I say KLT?

What is KLT?

Before we go anywhere talking about using Active Group Users software to build your KLT, let’s make sure you know what that is… (Get free trial at

KLT refers to Know Like Trust – it’s what your prospect feels towards you.

Does your prospect know you? Do they like you? Do they trust you?

The thing is that a prospect who doesn’t trust you will never buy from you!

You probably already know that engaging on Facebook posts and posting is how you get people to notice you and know you.

Eventually, they will like you and trust you which is the only way they will buy from you, but that takes time!

Why do we spend so much time in Facebook News Feed?

That’s such a great question, I’m glad you asked!

I’d say there are 3 main reasons:

  1. We are taught that this is how we can attract others to us after creating the right content.
  2. Facebook lures us with content they know we actually like so we spend more time in the news feed.
  3. We always feel like there are more posts to comment on and we think that the more we do, the more we attract.

All these reasons make sense to some extent which is why most leaders teach those strategies.

It’s true that spending more time in the news feed means that more people will see your content and you’ll eventually attract more people.

The problem is quality – 90% of the people that see your stuff are not your ideal prospects.

What does engagement on posts have to do with KLT growth?

Another great question!

Basically, the path that a prospect takes to get from having no clue who you are to trusting you enough to buy from you is all about exposures to you.

When you engage on their posts, you are creating an exposure to you.

When they see your posts, they are getting another exposure to you.

In sales, we teach that many exposures are needed before a sale can be made.

In attraction marketing, the process is the same and because you aren’t talking to the prospect directly like sales person might, you need a lot more exposures to get to that sale stage.

This is why you need to engage on posts – doing so in the news feed is just the easiest way but not the best way.

How to grow the quality of your engagement a bit?

When we talk about quality of engagement, many things might come to mind.

What I mean by it though is having the exposures to you be received by prospects that are more likely to buy from you.

One way to increase the quality of your engagements is to go to groups instead of just the news feed.

That’s what most leaders teach too – find groups that your ideal prospect is likely to hang out in.

Then, engage on the posts in the group and generally become helpful to the group members.

That’s certainly better but still not the best!

How to grow the quality of your engagement even more?

The next level of quality to your engagement is to engage on the group member’s profile posts.

Why is that better than the group posts?

Well, mainly because you’re engaging directly on their posts.

Think about it – why are they posting on Facebook? Because they want people to see and comment on their posts!

That’s the only (well 99% of the time) reason why they are even posting!

There is one problem with that though – it takes even more time to do that than engaging in the news feed!

What is best way to grow the quality of engagement?

Truthfully, the best way is to track your activities.

Again, that is extremely time consuming and no one really wants to do it so leaders don’t even talk about it.

I mean, imagine being able to get list of ideal prospects that you have commented on 20 posts or more?

Or getting list of ideal prospects that you have not visited their profile in over 10 days?

Wouldn’t lists like that be almost as good as money in the bank?

Well, you can get those lists and it’s easier and much less time consuming that you might think!

The real solution to high quality engagement!

What if I told you that you could get 90% better quality exposures to the perfect prospects!

What if I told you could do it with just 30 minutes a day on Facebook!

It’s true – I spend only 30 minutes a day on Facebook and I comment only on 20 posts per day!

Those are the highest quality leads too – my perfect prospects.

The way you can do that too is simply by using Active Group Users software.

Get your free trial at!

It will give you a list of people who are active in the groups you care about.

How to use Active Group Software to grow your KLT?

It’s very simple.

You give it the list of groups when your ideal prospect can be found in.

It will then get you a list of the users in that group who are actually posting and commenting.

Over time, you will know who in that list is posting the most and commenting the most.

You then use the list to decide who’s posts to engage on.

After a month or so, or spending ONLY 30 minutes a day on Facebook, you’ll have a list of perfect prospects!


Even though you do need to spend time on Facebook to grow your audience’s KLT towards you, it’s possible to focus your actions on the people who are more likely to buy from you.

But the real secret is understanding that exposures to you grow the KLT and commenting on posts is an exposure to you.

Not to mention that exposures to you are what you want because that is how your ideal prospect will become your perfect prospect!

Watch the video to gain more insights on this topic and to see exactly how to use Active Group Users software.

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