How to Track Facebook engagements with Active Group Users software?

Are you tired of spending time in the Facebook news feed and having no clue about your impact on others?

Yeah, I know, the gurus tell you to just take action, create posts and engage on others and people will see you.

I do agree that doing those activities eventually produce those results but wouldn’t you like to know if you are 10% or 90% there?

Of course, any tracking is never 100% accurate or a guarantee of future results, but no tracking is like walking on the edge of a cliff with blindfolds on!

Are you ready to take those blindfolds off?

What should you be tracking on Facebook?

No matter what business you are building, you’ll need sales or it’s just a hobby, right?

That means you need to track typical sales and marketing metrics such as impressions, clicks, opt-ins, conversations, trials and sales for example.

Doing that is pretty hard though as Facebook doesn’t really let you do that, so we need to do the next best thing.

We need to track how many people and how many posts we interact with as well as any results from that.

It’s just like any other sale process. For example: saw -> interacted -> contacted -> conversation -> follow-up -> present -> trial -> sale.

Why can’t you actually track sales on Facebook?

You might have noticed that Facebook is more and more wanting you to spend on ads to get people to see your posts.

You can then use their insight tools to get general metrics but you never really know exactly who did what without looking at specific posts and that takes tons of time!

It does make sense since they are a company, like any other, trying to make money.

So, how can we get around that?

We need to have our own tracking methods, simple right?

The manual process of tracking on Facebook.

If you don’t want to buy any tools or software, there is quite a lot of information available in Facebook!

Now, I’m not saying it’s easy because there is so much information and manually tracking it takes just as much work but it’s possible.

Basically, you’d go to your profile, click on the 3 dots and select Activity Log.

This will open up a myriad of options. For example, if you click on Comments:

You can see posts you’ve commented on.

And if you click on Activity you’re tagged in, you can see comments others tagged you in, like replies on their posts to your comments.

And there’s so much more but as you can see, if you wanted to keep track of all that so you knew things like how many comments did I make on Carla’s posts, you’d have to record every single comment and keep adding the numbers.

Not to mention answering a question like how many times did I comment on Carla’s posts between Aug 1st and Aug 31st?

How can software help track your Facebook Activity?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could answer questions like:

  • How many days has it been since I visited Carla’s profile?
  • How many posts did I comment on from date x to date y on Carla’s posts?
  • Did I engage on enough posts to send a PM to Carla?
  • How many posts did I comment on today, yesterday or last week?
  • How many people did I send a PM to today, yesterday or last week?

I’m sure there are tons of software out there you can enter that information in, those are called CRMs (Customer Relationship Managers) but they typically require everything to be entered manually.

What if there was a software that started with giving you a list of users to interact with and pull their Facebook profile link, their names and how many posts they’ve commented on in last few days?

With software like that, you’d save a ton of time with just the right list of people to start with!

Active Group Users software to the rescue!

Imagine starting your day with a list of users, well actually, a list of Facebook profile links to visit.

It’s super simple: Go to to get a free trial now and get started today!

You don’t need to waste your time in the newsfeed, you just go from one profile page to the next, react to a few posts, comment on a few posts and then register those activities.

Imagine doing just that every single day – take 10, 20 or 30 minutes to engage on 10, 20 or 30 profiles every day.

The only thing that will happen is that these people will start to notice you!

But what you’ll gain is knowing exactly what you did, who you visited and when!

Not to mention being able to answer all those questions!


It’s a pretty goo feeling when you know you can answer the question: Is this prospect ready to hear from me in a PM?

Imagine knowing when it’s time to have those sales generating conversations!

Instead of randomly engaging in the news feed or in groups and sending PMs or friend requests with 1% response rate, you can take control of your time and of your results!

Watch the video to learn more about how you can use Active Group Users software to get super target leads and how you can turn them into perfect prospects in no time!

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