What is the Reverse Social Prospecting Process?

What if you’ve been doing it all wrong and backwards on Social Media?

Wouldn’t that be the worst?

I mean, I know, leaders tell you to do it that way but what if that way no longer works like it used to?

Wouldn’t you want to know what works today?

What have leaders been teaching?

If you’re like me, you’ve been doing all the things that leaders tell you to do, right?

Things like:

  • Post regularly
  • Engage on other people’s posts
  • Connect with new people daily
  • Be active in groups
  • Ensure your profile tells people what you do

All those things are great and important to do, to some extent.

The problem lies in how we do some of those things and our expectations.

What do leaders say will happen if you do those things?

Leaders might not say it directly, but it’s obvious what they are saying when you look at their results.

Any leader will teach what they did to get the results they have.

It makes perfect sense too.

Essentially, what they are saying is: do what I did and you’ll get what I have.

Unfortunately, most leave it to our imagination as to what they actually have that we want.

Because of that, we do pretty much what they tell us to do thinking we’ll get the results we see they have which we want.

What do leaders have that we want?

In the online and social media marketing space, what we want is usually sales, but sales without effort.

Yes, that’s the promise of attraction marketing and personal branding.

Post content, be yourself, tell them how you can help them and they will reach out to you to buy from you!

That’s what the leaders did, that’s what they are teaching and what we are doing because we want those “easy sales”.

But, we are doing it backwards, at least part of it now.

What are you doing backwards?

Well, one thing is letting the social network algorithm tell you what to do.

You see, if you post a Facebook Reel and it gets 10,000 views, that’s fantastic, right?

So, you post another and another and another and say you’re super lucky all of them get 10,000 views.

Most people would think that those views are a goldmine but the problem is, if you let Facebook decide who they show those videos too, chances are none of those viewers will have seen more than one of those videos.

Why does that matter?

If there’s one constant in sales strategies, it’s that people will not buy from someone they do not trust.

For a prospect to trust you and buy from you, they need to know and like you.

If a person only sees one of your videos, they have no chance of knowing and liking you, let alone trusting you!

The only way anyone gets to that “trust” stage in their relationship with you, is if they see you enough to know and like you first.

Why did it work before?

You might be wondering why it worked for leaders before and not anymore.

The main reason is that social media algorithms have changed and no longer work to your advantage.

Big surprise, right?

The process is the same but how you make it happen is different.

Before, you could just post and engage in the news feed and Facebook would show your posts to people so they started to know, like and trust you.

Then they would reach out to you because they would see what you’re about and how you can help them.

Over time, social proof would also get into play and people would buy more and more.

How can you make it work today?

There are 2 ways you can make it work pretty much the same way today.

The first way is by paying for it – you do ads and use retargeting on new ads.

Of course, ads can get very expensive but are definitely one way to be in control of who sees your stuff!

The second way is to take control of who’s posts you engage on instead of letting Facebook decide for you in the news feed.

Both those methods will, over time, give you the results promised by leaders.

What’s the reverse social process?

Well, the reverse social process is basically doing things differently than what Facebook wants you to do.

So, instead of commenting on the news feed, you choose who’s posts you comment on.

Instead of spending hours in groups and in the news feed, you spend only 30 minutes a day on specific people’s profiles.

Instead of posting viral videos, you post content your audience will want to see over and over.

And instead of waiting for them to reach out to you, you can choose to reach out to them already knowing they are hot leads.

How to do it all in 30 minutes a day?

If you’re thinking that’s great but how do I know who is a hot lead to reach out to?

Or maybe you’re wondering how to I know who’s posts to engage on?

Most likely though, you’re thinking it’s probably impossible to do this in just 30 minutes a day!

Well, what if, you just had to focus on what comment to put on a post?

What if you only commented on 20 posts in a day, couldn’t you do that in 30 minutes?

It’s possible if you left Active Group Users software give you the list and track who’s posts you’ve commented on.

Get a free trial at https://ActiveGroupUsers.com/trial right now!

With the software, you can easily tell who’s posts you’ve commented on so you know when they are hot leads!


If you want to get the same results those leaders have with today’s social media platforms, you can!

It’s not going to by by doing all the same things the leaders did because the algorithms have changed.

You’ll need to take control of your activities on Facebook and you can do that with Active Group Users software.

Watch the video to learn more and see an overview of Active Group Users software.

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