How to use Active Group Users to Track your Messages with Leads?

Imagine if you knew when a potential prospect knew you enough to be happy to hear from you?

If there’s one thing that is the most frustrating for me is the feeling that we have no control over what the platforms do with our content.

I mean, even if you create a viral video that gets 10000 views, what does it matter if each video gets views from different people?

I’m sure you know how important it is for someone to see your content plenty of times to get to a point where they reach out to you.

The Attraction Marketing promise

If you’re like me, you started your online journey because of the attraction marketing promise.

That promise is kinda like the movie “Field of Dreams” which basically states that “if you build it, they will come”.

The reason this is commonly communicated if because all the leaders that have huge followings now did do it that way.

Today though, the social landscape is a little different and you’re not likely to get the results you want by just posting content and waiting for people to ask you to signup or sell them your thing.

Personal Branding is still critical

It’s still super important though to have a well presented personal brand.

Mainly because anyone who you ever get interested in you or your stuff, will 100% go check your profile and your posts.

What this means, it the typical 5 pillars of the well presented social profile such as:

  1. Good profile picture that shows who you are as a person.
  2. Good cover photo that shows what you’re about.
  3. Good BIO that tells how you can help them.
  4. Relevant posts that shows how you help others or live your life.
  5. CTA on how to get help from you.

You can get the free eBook “Profile Profits Cheetsheet” from

What’s the answer then?

The secret to getting results like those leaders is still the same – get eyes on your content.

You can certainly pay for ads to be delivered to the right people but that can be constly!

The problem is you don’t control who your posts are shared to, unless you do what I’m about to explain.

What if you could get your posts and yourself seen and noticed by the users you choose, don’t you think that would make a massive difference?

Well, I figured out how you can do that without angering the social platform gods using a process that is completely duplicatable by you.

That being said, the process can be time consuming and since I don’t have time, I wrote software to help me with it.

You can get a free trial of that software at

What’s the manual process you can do today?

The manual process you can do without the software is pretty much this:

  • Find the groups your avatar or target market hangs out in.
  • Find the users in those groups that post and comment most.
  • Go to those users profiles and engage on their personal posts.
  • Return to the groups to find new users every day.
  • Return to the user profiles to engage on their posts once a week or so.
  • Let the power of attraction marketing work it’s magic.
  • Wait for them to reach out to you or have a conversation – they will listen since they now know who you are.

As you can imagine, that process can be time consuming, especially when you’re trying to figure out who is most active in the groups and if it’s time to check their profile again.

But regardless of the time it takes, I know you can see how amazingly efficient this process is.

What can you track with Active Group Users?

With Active Group Users software though, you remove yourself from most of the tedious work.

You still need (and automation of this should be avoided) to go visit their profile and engage on their posts.

But the software takes care of finding the users in the groups you choose and gives you a list of the most active ones.

You then use that list daily to decide who’s profiles you will visit that day.

Personally, I use 6 days as the frequency of visits and 20 profiles a day which means in a month, I will have engaged 6 times on 120 people’s posts!

Imagine, 120 people who know who you are after 1 month!


Don’t let social media or Facebook decide what you do with your time!

If you let them decide what you engage on, you might as well not do it at all!

The best part is that if you adopt this strategy and process, Facebook will actually start to show your posts to those people more.

Watch the video as I show more of the software and how to use it.

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