How to FIND BEST LEADS by tracking who is most active on Facebook?

I used to be like you and spend all my free time on Facebook, sometimes over 4 hours a day! But not anymore!

I was told that the best place to find leads on social media was Facebook (it still is)!

So naturally, I knew that the more time I spent there, the more likely I was to find more leads.

So I did what all the gurus, mentors and leaders told me to do: post daily, engage daily and people will find you… eventually.

It was exhausting! So I put my thinking cap on and used my mad programmer skills and created a software to help (learn more at

Now, I only spend 30 minutes or so a day on Facebook posts! And you can too!

How can 30 minutes a day on Facebook be enough?

You might be thinking that if you can get good leads in 30 minutes a day, why wouldn’t you spend more time and get more leads.

Well, you might be right about that, but the problem is that finding leads isn’t the most important thing that you need to do to build an online business!

We all have a limited amount of time and if we spend it all on finding leads, we won’t be successful!

So, the secret is to focus your time on the RIGHT leads.

Say for example that you can spend 8 hours a day on random leads and you get 10-20 sales a month.

If you focus on the RIGHT leads, then you can change that to 100 sales a month by talking to less people.

What are the RIGHT leads?

Of course that is different for everyone, but the RIGHT leads on Facebook are pretty much this:

  • People who are in your target market
  • People who actually post on Facebook regularly
  • People who engage on your posts and respond to your comments on their posts.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the best prospect that you can’t engage with isn’t very likely to buy from you.

Let’s face it, the social media game of attraction marketing by posting and engaging so they get to know you only works if they are actually active on Facebook.

Sure, you can use email lists, ads and other methods to get their attention but let’s focus on the simple actions you can take.

How can you find those RIGHT leads?

That’s what Active Group Users software (at does for you so you can focus on engaging just on their posts.

By having list of best leads you can focus on their posts and spend as little as 30 minutes a day on Facebook by letting the software do the work of finding them.

Of course, you could manually do what the software does:

  1. Get list of users who post and comment in groups you choose.
  2. Get list of users who engage on your posts.
  3. Get list of users you comment on their posts.
  4. Aggregate all those users and their activities every day.
  5. Give you list you can sort by most active that you have not visited in X days

Imagine how long it would take for you to do that every day!

Why don’t they teach this?

As you can tell, having that list of users would be quite a lot of work to get to.

This is why no one is teaching this and why people just let Facebook decide for them.

The good news is that Facebook does have some smarts to it as well, as it tries to show you posts in your feed that you’ll react to.

It also tries to show your posts to people who are likely to engage on them.

The truth is that is you just spend time in the news feed after a few years of doing that every single day, you will start to get noticed and people will eventually reach out to you as the leaders promise.

So, it’s a lot easier for leader to teach the simpler approach because, even though it takes years, it does work.

Would you rather results in months instead of years?

Yeah, I know, silly question but most people won’t believe it’s possible.

Sure, they’ll believe you can do it if you spends tons on ads and that’s definitely true but what if you don’t have thousands to spend on ads?

What if all you have is time?

What if it was true that you could spend just 30 minutes a day (instead of 4-8 hours a day) on Facebook?

What if it was true that you could get the attention of your ideal audience in months instead of years?

I know it’s true because I do it, but if you aren’t convinced, wouldn’t it be worth finding out?

How to get results in months instead of years?

So, let’s break down the process into the simplest steps.

  1. Post daily content your target market will resonate with.
  2. Engage on their posts every 6-10 days.
  3. After they have seen your comments on their posts enough, send them a PM
  4. Have conversation with them and close some sales.

These 4 steps are pretty much the same no matter what approach you are using.

What changes is how many conversations you can have and how many of those you can close.

Traditional approaches when you don’t know how well they know, like and trust you means that you might send out 50 to 200 PMs to get a sale.

With Active Group Users software and knowing who knows and likes you and very likely trusts you when you send them a PM means you’ll get a sale every 10-20 PMs (maybe even every 5!).

How many more sales do you think you could get in a month if that was the case for you?


Imagine getting almost everyone you send a PM to actually replying to you!

I don’t know about you, but I found it so discouraging when I used to send 10-20 PMs a day and almost never got a reply from any of them!

Now, with Active Groups Users software there to help me track who knows and likes me, I rarely get ghosted when I send a PM.

Isn’t that what we all want? To get people to reply to our PMs? At the very least???

Watch the video to see Active Group Users software in action.

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