How to Setup Video Retargeted Facebook Ads for Pennies a view?

Best way to grow audience is certainly with organic activities but when you don’t have time. low cost ads are the next best thing!

Of course, you need to have the funds to run ads, but paying pennies a view is better than 50c or $1 a view, right?

I’ve been running Facebook ads for years, every few months I decided to run some.

Usually, for video views. it costs 10c or even 50c per view but I am now able to get as low as 0.0004c per ThruPlays when using retargeted audiences and I’ll show you how!

What is a video view?

Before we get into ads themselves, let’s talk about how you measure your results.

With Facebook video ads, you measure how many views you get on your videos.

That metric is the same you see when you look at how many people “saw” your Reels or videos.

Although you can track how many people watched 50%, 75% or even 100% of your videos with ads, a view is counted when someone sees just 3 seconds of your video.

So, since a view is just 3 seconds, it isn’t enough to get people to buy anything from you.

What are the other useful video metrics?

When you do a video ad in Facebook, you’ll be able to know all this information:

  • How many views you got (3s views)
  • How many ThruPlays you got (15s views)
  • How many people saw 25% of your video
  • How many people saw 50% of your video
  • How many people saw 75% of your video
  • How many people saw 95% of your video
  • How many people saw 100% of your video
  • and a few others

This might seem like a lot of information, but with it, you can then create audiences.

You’ll need to create audiences to use in retargeting ads.

How to leverage video views?

To leverage this data, you create an audience from it and then use that audience to show your ads to.

In a Facebook ad, you choose who sees your ad by defining an audience.

There are 3 types of audiences, saved, custom and lookalike – the simplest is a saved audience where you pick location, interests, age, etc.

You could use lookalike but I won’t cover that here.

First thing is to create an Ad for a video and use a saved audience to target people you want to.

Then you need to create an audience for the video views.

How to create video views audience

Go to audience manager, click the Create New audience and select custom

In the next popup, select Video as the audience source.

Next, select People who viewed at least 3 seconds of you video and click the Choose video link.

Choose your new video from the list and click Confirm button.

Lastly, give your audience a name, a description and click Create audience to save it.

Make sure that any videos you put in your audience is congruent to what you are trying to accomplish.

Retargeting your video Ads to the right audience.

Once you have created the customer video audience, you can target ads to it.

The reality is that no one will trust you enough to buy from you until they’ve seen tons of your stuff.

Growing your audience organically works but takes years if you only have a few hours per week to dedicate to it and might not even work unless you can spend 40+ hours a week on it.

That’s where retargeted ads come in and it’s basically just a few steps:

  1. Create a series of videos, like 10 or so, that all talk about the same topic.
  2. Create ads on those videos using a saved audience.
  3. Add those videos to your custom video audience.
  4. Create ads on those (or other videos) using your custom video audience.

You’ll see about 5-10c per view on ads from #2 but ads on #4 will be less than 1/2 a penny each!


Once you master this approach to video retargeting, you can grow your audience much faster.

You can even do this using other sources like web site visitors or people who saw other posts of yours.

Check out the video as I show you exactly how to do all this.

And don’t forget to share this with your friends, I’d really appreciate it – and so would they!

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