In today’s Live video, I do a re-do of such an important topic of believing in yourself.

I’m sure you know that so many people out there, and usually the ones we are closest to, will try to stop us – they try to steal our dreams – they tell us we are stupid, that what we’re doing doesn’t work… they tell us their neighbor’s sister who lives in Vancouver has a co-worker who tried that and they lost a ton of money!

So don’t do it, right?

WRONG! They are just trying to protect you, they love you, they don’t want you to get hurt.

That’s why you have to believe in yourself because not many will.

I do though!

Building my corral (ask me what that means):

I love Mini Wheats, especially the brown sugar ones. They’re low in sugar and high in fiber but they are yummy – my daughters love them too.

I usually have a bowl in the evening as a snack – what kinds of snacks do you have before bedtime?


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