In today’s Live video, I talk about about the fear of doing something and having people not like us, laugh at us or tell us what we are doing is stupid or that you’ll loose your money.

This fear, according to the author of the Laptop Millionaire book, can be traced back to the fact that humans are 100% dependent on their parents until a very late age and in our infant years, there is a very real fear of dying if our parents do not love us enough to take care of us.

So, this is the adult fear of not being liked enough, deep inside it’s as strong as the fear of death!

So, remember, you’re not going to die!

Building my corral (ask me what that means):

I like Tennis and alpine skiing – the kinds of sports that aren’t team sports – I totally sucked at team sports in high-school. I remember a basket ball game that my friend threw me the ball and I just got it in the face LOL – he didn’t think it was funny!

What sports do you like?


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