In today’s Live video, I talk about the power – the all mighty – and how you need to surrender to it.
Whatever you believe in, god, aliens, quantum physics or just another power, you’ll agree that we are not in control of what happens around us – the weather, accidents, lost jobs, our neighbors, our kids actions!
The problem is we often let those things affect us but we need to learn to accept them for what they are – things out of our control – by surrendering to the power.
If you can do that, your life will take a turn for the best in no time!
Being positive, consistent and driven helps too 🙂
I bet this will shock you – but it’s true.
When I was in my young 20s, during college years, I worked part-time as a projectionist in a Porno theater! Wow, yeah, I did that! Crazy right? Those certainly don’t exist anymore but it’s hard to imagine they ever did. I mean, who would ever want to know that you went to a place like that?
LOL, who would ever tell anyone they worked there? right?
What was your most embarrassing job?


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