In today’s Live video, I talk about embracing the long term and I bring that up because every day, I post in my Snapchat story, in my Instagram story as well as Facebook My Day and do these lives! EVERY SINGLE DAY (well, weekday)

Sometimes, I wonder if you are enjoying it, so please let me know if so.

But yesterday, my friend Alex Copeland replied to my day on Facebook saying he loved my stories and that he thought I had the best stories!

I gotta tell ya, that made my day… but it also reminded me that it takes a while and I wanted you to know that and not get discouraged if you feel like it today.

I have pretty bad sweet tooth!

So much that I learned how to bake my two favorite deserts – “Tarte au sucre” Quebec Sugar Pie and “Poudding Chômeur” (out of work person’s pudding cake).

I just made a “Poudding Chômeur” last night and it was so so yummy – check my post about it here :

Do you have a sweet tooth? What’s your favorite desert?


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