In today’s Live video, I tell you to get pissed off!

It’s OK to get pissed (upset, mad or almost angry) of at your lack of time. No one ever has enough time to do everything we want to do! We have to cut stuff out.

I find it most evident when I’m on a deadline, that’s when I get pissed off and just drop everything that’s not going to bring me to my goal…

But that’s not easy to do when you don’t have a deadline – we easily fall into the “relaxation” mode, where we make it okay to do things to relax and take the stress off…

But, if you want to achieve in life, you need a goal and a plan, so get pissed off!

I moved 24 times in my life (so far)

I’ve lived in Transconna & St-Boniface in Manitoba, Halifax & Sydney in Nova-Scotia, Fredericton in New Brunswick, Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island, Gatineau, Hull & Chelsea in Quebec as well as Montreal now.

In many of those cities, I moved multiple times but I also lived somewhere else that I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

How many times did you move?


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