In today’s Live video, I get direct – you gotta suck! Just get over being perfect before doing anything and go for it!

Yeah, you’ll probably suck – even a guy like me who actually isn’t afraid to do that, and to be honest, who didn’t think he was that bad… I mean, seriously, when I look at my first video, I totally sucked!

OMG! I was awful! The worst. Watch it here if you want to laugh!

That being said, you need to suck before you’re good and you need to get good before being great!

That’s because no matter how much you practice, it will never be the same as doing it for real.

Yesterday, told you how many times I moved and told you there’s one other place I lived at that I really liked.

We lives in Los Angeles, California for a year in 1996. It was a great experience but, boy, was it expensive.

What’s your favorite place that you lived at?


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