In today’s Live video, because I’m doing a live webinar every Thursday at 9pm, I thought about how important it is to attend webinars.

Of course, I’m tooting my own horn a little but there is a big difference between a webinar and any other kind of digital training.

Sure, events are even more effective but after that is live webinars. Sure, you can buy tons of courses and learn lots but with a live webinar, you’re right there with the audience. You get to ask questions and react to the hosts questions.

In some respects, it’s even more awesome than events because you get seen in the chat by everyone else there

Of course, I have to promote the webinar I did last night if you have not seen it – you can learn more about it or watch the replay here:

Today, I just wanted to tell you about this super cool full wireless headphones/mic that I bought the other day.

They are called Yevo 1 True Wireless Headphones

I showed it in my Snapchat story and Instagram – check it out here….

What gadget did you get recently?


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