In today’s Live video, I really just tell you that I love you.

Of course, I mean that in a platonic way and I want to instill that feeling in you with your audience.

Seriously, we hear all the time that our audience needs to know, like and trust us, but before they know we care or love them, they will never love or like us, right?

So, if you did not know this yet, I really appreciate you being there, watching my videos, commenting, liking and sharing. Without you, there would be no point… and I don’t tell you enough…

So, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for being there.

Now, go tell your audience that you love them!

My father used to setup a tennis court in our back yard when I was a baby – it’s funny the stuff you remember even if you were 4 or 5. To this day, I love tennis but don’t play much anymore, but if I did want to start up something with a friend, it would be that over almost any other sport.

Do you have a sport you like?


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