In today’s Live video, I told you to not be a Potted Plant – I know it’s funny as I’m pretty sure no one is but I thought of that as I was listening to the audio book “The Six-Figure Second Income” where he talked about talking to others about our ideas.

Basically, he said that each person we talk to is different, some listen, ask lots of questions and make suggestions and others do nothing, just like a Potted plant!

So, when others are talking to you about their ideas, make sure you ask lots of questions and make suggestions and don’t be a potted plant!

I mean, you don’t want others to be when you talk 🙂

I love movies, action, sci-fi, thriller, comedies, drama, chick flick, all of them!

But I think my favorite genre, like most geeks is sci-fi and action a close second like most guys. Although I love comedies and romances to watch with my wife.

If I had to say, my favorite movies of all time are Top Gun, The Terminator and The Matrix – I can still watch these again all the time.

I love so many more though, what are you favorite movies of all time?

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