In today’s video, I got inspired by Jim Rohn and his talk about the seed and the sewer – search for that on YouTube, it’s great
You should be planting seeds every single day & if you’re not sure what that means, let me explain.
As you know, we can’t be telling everyone about our product, service or opportunity all the time and we need to instead be their friend and when we ask them about their lives and then mention something about how things are for us – we are planting a seed in them
After a while, some of those seeds (or thoughts) will come back and they will be ready to hear you out, it just takes time
You probably know I’m a bit of a computer geek. but I bet you didn’t know I also created a few game levels in the 90s.
If you’ve ever heard of the game DOOM, you might find it cool that I created 2 full worlds for that game and you can still find it on the Internet.
I actually just found a YouTube channel with demos of them – so cool!
I only did 5 levels, check them here:


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