In today’s video, I talk about going for nos which, of course, is the idea that yo should go out there trying to talk to people about your business, your product or service and just expect them to say no.

The thing is that we all need the money and the sales and when we go out there, we are looking for those yeses.

The problem is that our prospects know that and can sense we just want the sale and that tarnishes the process and they say no.

By going for nos instead, you rid yourself of the stress of needing those yeses and with time, you end up getting those yeses.

Awesome, right?

So, go for nos today!

OMG, I walked by a motorcycle and it made me remember that when I was in college, I actually went for my drivers license for bikes.

In Snapchat, I said I went for my “biker’s license” lol

In any case, at the time, I needed to pass a driver’s class and test before I could go for the license.

I did, passed that fine but then never went for my license.

I wonder if things would be different today if I got my “biker’s license” 🙂

Have you gotten yours?


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