In today’s video, I talk about how we tend to compare ourselves to others and how we really should not be doing that.

I mean, it’s okay to look at what others are doing to learn from them and see how we can adapt what they do to our style, but the danger is that our human nature tends to want to emulate others and do the same as them.

We end up comparing how we aren’t as good as them and that’s why we aren’t getting the results…

That is deadly – stop that – do not compare like that, just be you and do things as you would do them without worrying about how others do this or that.

You’ll get the hang of it.

Today, I decided to change my intro on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook MyDay – from “Jean-Serge Gagnon from – Helping YOU Build YOUR Online Empire Step by Step With Simple Strategies” to “Jean-Serge Gagnon from the – Simplifying the online world with simple strategies”

but I think it’s missing something…

It’s got to talk to my audience… which is struggling entrepreneurs building an online business to get home to their family… so maybe it needs to say “Simplifying your online business so you can get home faster”?

Something like that? What do you think?


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