In today’s video, I talk about the difference between easy and simple because, let’s face it, we often get those confused…

We think if it’s simple, then it must be easy… but that’s wrong… there are lots of things that are super simple but super hard… think of loosing weight… or having six-pack abs… we all know what to do but for some reason it’s hard.

Those things are simple, they just require a lot of dedication and persistence… just like online marketing.

That’s why I came up with the daily simple online strategies… I never said it was easy, just that it was simple…

One step at a time!

Imagine, I came in 2nd place in a competition in high school! I was so excited to get on stage in front of the whole school for… yeah, it’s geeky lol…


a Rubik’s cube competition!

That’s right, you might not even know what those are but they were hot back then… I got myself a book to learn how to do it all in super fast time…

But the other guys was just too good – he didn’t need a book, he just knew how to do it.

Did you compete in anything in high school?


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