In today’s video, I talk about or me as I’ve recently had to handle people close to me who do not want to be public and do not understand why I am or why anyone would ever want to be.

That makes you question what you are doing especially if they are close to you.

I posted a question to my audience and got an amazing response – made it all go away and made me feel much better.

Check it out at

Anyway, it’s super great to have friends that life you up.

So, that got me thinking about the whole idea of being public and how most everyone doesn’t like that or even want to be public.

but the thing is…

If you want to succeed in this new age, in this new economy, in this new social media world we live in, you must be public.

Seriously though, you don’t need to be “all public”, I mean, you don’t have to talk about everything and even more so, some things should be kept private, but if you can’t eventually get comfortable with being public, it’s just not going to work for you.

You gotta learn to be public!
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