Attraction Marketing Truth 2 of 5 – Post every day with your Prospect in mind

Part 2 of this 5 part series is about your daily activity to post.

Sure, you can post only once a week or 3 times a week if you like but posting at least once a day is recommended.

If you don’t have the time to do that every day, you use scheduling tools to batch create your content but be aware that Facebook knows you are doing that and will not share your posts as much.

The most important thing though is making your posts all about what your avatar is interested in.

What does it mean to have prospect in mind?

Yeah, that might be a silly question to some but it’s important to be clear on this.

As you’ve no doubt seen in the previous post, Course Income Secrets #451 – Attraction Marketing Truth 1 of 5 – Setup your profile for your ideal prospect, your profile needs to also follow this basic rule.

Having your prospect in mind just means that you should be asking yourself this question all the time.

“Would Alice like this post?”

Of course, assuming Alice is your avatar.

Why an avatar?

I know that when I got started online, everyone told me to define my avatar but I really just defined my target market.

I could probably improve my avatar even more but if you didn’t know, the difference between your target market and your avatar is really just singling into one person.

For example, your target market might be 40-50 year old woman who has university degree but your avatar would start with 43 year old blond woman who has university degree in marketing and lives in Los Angeles.

A true avatar would include everything you can think of to define that one person. Their education, their hobbies, their fears, their dreams, what kinds of movies they like, what relationships they’ve had, what products have they bought, what disappointed them in past, etc…

By defining your avatar, it becomes possible to know if your posts and messages “speak to them”

The easiest avatar

You might find it difficult to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, I know I do, so to start you can use this solution.

It’s the easiest thing to do for an avatar – just make it you!

Sure, you might not like yourself that much lol but it will make everything easier.

It might not be the best avatar to use because you might actually want to attract people not exactly like you, but it will allow you to get going online faster.

Once you know your avatar

Once you know your avatar, it becomes simple to know if your posts and messages are interesting to them.

Keep in mind that interesting is not about offering them something in every post!

You need to also talk about failures they have had and how they can overcome them.

You also need to mix your posts with posts about you, but by knowing your avatar, you can relate it to them.


After you’ve figured it out, you can really start to get traction.

Your posts become more and more about them and what they want.

Check the video out to see some other perspectives on this topic.

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