Attraction Marketing Truth 3 of 5 – Engage on the Right Posts

Now that our profile is setup right and we are using the right words on our posts, let’s talk about engagement.

As you probably already know, if you don’t comment and react to other people’s posts on Facebook, chances are no one will engage on your posts either.

Doesn’t matter how amazing the posts are, Facebook will just not show your posts on other people’s feeds which means no one will see your posts which is why no one comments on them!

Crazy right?

Let’s first understand this process…

Why does no one see or comment on my posts?

Before we talk about what posts you need to be engaging on, let’s understand how Facebook works.

10 years ago, you’d post on Facebook and all your friends would see that in their news feed, so, naturally, if it was a cool post, you’d get tons of comments.

Today, it doesn’t work like that!

You see, there was a problem with showing all the posts of all your friends in the news feed.

If you had only 10 friends and they all just posted once a day, that would probably be fine – you’d just see 10 posts per day…

But, when you got 100, 500 or as many as 5000 friends, that would be insane – there would be no way you could see everyone’s posts.

How does Facebook decide to show your posts?

So Facebook came up with an algorithm to show you only some posts based on rules.

Now, I’m going to go into all the different things that algorithm does, mainly because it changes all the time and no one truly knows – we can just guess based on behaviors we see…

But one thing is for sure…

You see posts from people you’ve interacted with before, that have interacted with you or your friends.

The other thing that’s super important to understand is that it’s also time based, engagement based and reciprocity based.

Time based means Facebook will stop showing you stuff if don’t regularly engage with what it shows you.

Engagement based means you’ll see things based on how many other people have reacted or commented on it.

Reciprocity based means Facebook will show your stuff to others only if you engage on the platform

How do you know what the right posts to engage on are?

Now that the why and how is out of the way, let’s get to the real question of this post…

Personally, I like to choose who’s posts I engage on by having a list of their profile links.

When you get started, you can certainly rely on Facebook and the news feed because it will choose pretty good for you.

Based on groups you visit, pages you like and previous posts you’ve engaged on, Facebook will indeed choose pretty good posts for your to continue your engagement.

It does, however, become a problem after a while – 6-12 months probably.

What happens is that Facebook will just keep showing you posts from the same 20-30 people which is not what you want!

What are the right posts to engage on?

There are 2 kinds of “right” posts you should be engaging on…

First, posts from people you’ve already engaged on that you want them to notice you and possibly go check your posts and reach out to you – attraction marketing at it’s core.

Second, posts from new people you’ve never engaged on so they eventually fall into the first group.

Obviously, both of those need to be people in your target market and even better if they are super close to your avatar.

You just have to find them and it’s not super hard to, go to groups, use search options, etc.. but it is super time consuming.

How to find the right posts to engage on?

For me, I found that it took too much time to go through groups to find new people that had these attributes:

  • Be in my target market
  • Be active in groups where my target market is in
  • Actually post on their timeline

You see, the issue with trying to engage with people in Facebook is that if they aren’t active, they will probably never see your messages or your comments on their posts.

That’s why I started to go to groups, look at the posts from others and see who was commented on the posts there.

Then, whoever was posting and commenting the most, I would check their personal profile to see if they were active there too.

Then, I’d use that list to visit profiles to find posts to engage on… but as you can imagine, that is also way too time consuming…

What’s the easiest way to find the right posts to engage on?

In case you haven’t guessed, I created a software to find the people who are the most active in groups.

The software is called Active Group Users and it gives you list of who posted and commented in groups you choose.

Once you have the list of users, you can visit their profiles and engage on their posts.

The best part is that the software tracks when you last visited them and how many posts you’ve engaged on so you know when to visit their profile again!


I’ve been using that software for over a year and it’s such a life and time saver!

Check the video for a little bit of a walkthrough…

Also, I’ve done demos many times and you can watch the last replay at

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