Attraction Marketing Truth 4 of 5 – Have conversations with them

I know you’ve heard about having conversations with your prospects or leads from everyone!

It’s no surprise since it’s the only way to get any sales where you are starting out.

Not sure about you, but I sure dream of the day where I get sales without having to do that like those top leaders do and promise I can too!

But is it really just about having random conversations with random people?

It’s not about random conversations with random people

So, no, in case that heading didn’t give up the answer – it’s definitely not about random engagement.

To be honest though, I did to that and I’m surely not being the perfect prospector myself yet.

Let me explain…

You see, leaders will tell you to “just have conversations” because they know it takes time to get good at it and it’s a lot better to loose those prospects that are just random than loosing your perfect prospects.

I remember just sending friend requests to anyone and sending them a private message telling them I loved some post they did.

I’d find the friend list of a top leader or the members of group in my niche and send 100-150 friend requests a week and would have 5-10 respond (2-5%) and might get 1 sale out of that.

Some still teach that approach and to be honest it’s important to use it to learn about platforms and processes, but it’s never going to get you great results!

Sure, 1% is great if you have the time, but I’d much rather get 20-50%, wouldn’t you?

It’s about getting good first

You need to get good at having conversations before you really step it up!

Even though having random conversations isn’t the best way to get sales, it’s still important to do because it will take you a while to get good enough to actually get sales.

Once you are good though, you want to maximize your time.

Who wants to have 100 conversations to get 1 sale!

That’s insane, but that’s what they teach and it is how you get good at it though.

How to get 20-50% sales rate per conversation?

This definitely is a crazy bold statement and you’re right to find it hard to believe!

But let me ask you this: If you were able to know that someone already trusted you and knew you and liked you, do you think you’d get better results?

Of course you would.

This is one of the things leaders expect you to get by focusing on creating content, leveraging attraction marketing and personal branding strategies.

It’s definitely one way that works over time but unfortunately the platforms eventually fizzle that away.

Why does simple Attraction Marketing not work?

You might be surprised to hear a statement like this but hear me out.

Of course Attraction Marketing works – that’s actually what Marketing really is all about, attracting your customers to buy your stuff!

But what I’m referring to is more about the processes being taught to use Attraction Marketing techniques on Social Media, like Facebook.

The problem is what happens after a while, say 6 months, of daily activities.

You post content to attract them – you engage on the post in the feed and Facebook shows our stuff to them, they engage and grow to know you, like you and trust you so they buy from you!

We all know the process and it works… for a while… but then it happens! Facebook stops showing our stuff to new people!

The problem is finding new people

What happens when a business doesn’t find new people all the time? They go out of business!

If you rely on Facebook to show your stuff to new people, they your business will die too… unless you understand how to use it!

If you are simply engaging on the posts in your feed, there will come a time where you’ll see the same 20-40 people’s posts in your feed.

What happens too is that Facebook will only show your posts to people that posted the posts you are engaging on which means only the same 20-40 people will see your posts.

Sure, there’s exceptions like creating a viral post but generally, this is what happens because Facebook is a reciprocity based algorithm.

What’s the solution?

The solution is to be in control of who’s posts you engage on every day and not rely on Facebook’s choices for you

There are surely many ways to accomplish this, like creating your own document to capture their names and profile links but that’s very time consuming and how would you keep track of it all?

That’s why I decided to create a tool.

I wanted to be able to know when it was a good time to have a conversation with someone…

I mean, imaging knowing that they are super likely to know you and like you and then talk to them?

How much more likely do you think they would be to buy from you?

Not only will this tool track things for you, but it will show you who’s actually active on Facebook!


Just like any other process that is time consuming, like finding the right people and tracking where they are in their journey of discovery of you, automating it is the key.

What if you had a tool that found the users that are active so you could engage on their content and know when they are ready for you to have a conversation with them?

Would that be valuable to you? Of course it would – imagine saving all the time?

Check it out at and let me know if you have any questions.

Watch the video too to learn more about this topic and this tool.

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