Attraction Marketing Truth 5 of 5 – Make them the Offer

We’ve come to the end of the the truth about attraction marketing!

Well, maybe not the end of attraction marketing, but at least the end of the 5 truths in my ebook.

Get your copy at and check the last 4 episodes for each truth.

The 5 Simplest Social Media Organic Steps to Getting the Sale are setup your profile, post every day, engage on posts, have conversations and offer them your product.

What’s wrong with cold outreach?

Most gurus will tell you that sales is just about numbers and that reaching out to random strangers works if you talk to enough of them.

The problem is that it can be very frustrating when you get 1% (1 out of 100), 1/10% (1 out of 1000) or even 1/100% (1 out of 10,000) to actually buy from you!

Personally, I don’t want to have to talk to 10,000 people to get 1 sale! Do you?

So what’s the solution? We’ll get to that…

When should you make them the offer?

The answer is after they like and trust you…

Simple, right?

Yeah, but might not be so easy… to do or to know when that is.

That’s one of the biggest struggles in online marketing and why gurus don’t bother with it.

It’s also why we teach about personal branding and how it’s the secret to attraction marketing.

Because, well, in the end, someone will trust and like you because you’ve attracted them to you.

It’s true – it does work – it’s happened to me many times…

How to get them to trust and buy from you?

Again, the simple answer is by them seeing your content enough times.

But, how do you get them to actually see your content?

And how do you get them to like you?

Those are the real questions and leaders will tell you to just post content and be active on social media.

Truth is that this does work if given enough time and enough attention.

Who has time for that?

That’s the real question, isn’t it?

When I got started online, I was attracted to this promise: just post and they will eventually buy.

And even though, that is actually true, what they don’t tell you is how much time and effort it will take.

Well, I’ll tell your the truth! You might not like it though!

It can take you 3 to 12 months to build a following that buys from you but there’s a catch!

The catch is you need to focus on a single offer to a single avatar and create content for just that.

If I’m being honest, I did not do that which is why after over 5 years, I’m just starting to get results.

What really bothers me!

The thing that’s always bothered me though is how Facebook shows you random yet the same content in your news feed.

If you just engage with that content, you’re telling Facebook you are happy with it and they will show you more of that.

Gurus will tell you to go to groups and engage there which does help but many people in groups never post there, so how do you reach them?

Do you go to the group member list and check everyone’s profile? That can work, but again, it’s so time consuming!

There is a better way!

You could reach out to only those who’s commented on your stuff or joined your email list…

This is probably the most difficult thing to do for new marketers, and often for seasoned entrepreneurs too!

There’s a few reasons why, one of which is fear of rejection of course, but the main problem is that leaders don’t agree on the process.

As mentioned above, they will just say to talk to as many people as you can…

The next thing leaders talk about is having conversations before you pitch them.

The problem is still the same: How do you know that it’s a good time to talk to them?

The real secret

The real secret is to track how many time you’ve visited their profile and commented on their posts!

If you knew you commented on X posts of someone, and X was a number that you’d be sure they would know who you were, then you’d be able to have a conversation with them!

Even more easy is to use a software to track that for you!

Check out Active Group Users software at and see how amazing it can be to track all this for you!

Not to mention that it will find active users in groups!


I know I’ve been all over the place in this episode, but I promise it will all make sense if you get the ebook!

You can also watch the video to get a better explanation of the software and why you’d want to use it.

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