Pincredible results with Pinterest! How to get 100k monthly viewers in a few days!

I tell ya, it’s totally insane how Pinterest is doing for me right now!

Imagine getting almost 100,000 monthly viewers of my content.

I mean, I’m at 91.2k right now!

How does that compare?

They say not to compare yourself to others but Gary Vee is getting 115.6k

Ray Higdon is getting 69.1k

Gloria MacDonald is getting 100.1k

Marc Lalonde, the Wealthy Trainer is getting 962.8k!

And John & Nadia Melton are getting a huge 1.1m!

Wow, right? I mean I was getting 5, that’s right FIVE monthly viewers last month.


Is Pinterest really worth your time?

The big question is if Pinterest is actually worth your time.

I mean, those are totally Pincredible results with Pinterest, right?

BTW, It’s not a typo ,I registered the domain where you can see my results and learn more.

But are viewers worth it on Pinterest?

For one thing, Gary Vee would definitely tell you that any viewers are good to have because they will grow your audience over time.

However that can take years because they need to see a lot of your stuff before becoming a fan and later a raving fan and a buyer.

I don’t know what to tell you yet since 2 weeks is way too early, but if these metrics are any indication of what’s to come, I’m super excited.

Getting 198 link clicks is totally insanely pincredible, wouldn’t you say?


So all this is pretty exciting and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next few weeks.

I’m getting lots of views, lots of link clicks and lots of visitors to my blog and other web sites.

It’s a journey for sure.

Watch the video to learn more about all this.

Make sure to share too because this is way too much pincredible results on Pinterest to not share!

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