If you build it, they will come. Is that true?

Have you ever thought that if you build it they will come?

I know I have, but is it true?

What if all that mattered was building a better mouse trap?

Or location location location…


Do you think that if you build it they will come?

Is it true?

Well, once thing is for sure is that customers by from people they trust.

Or rather, brands they trust.

So, if you build it, unfortunately, they will not come.

Building it is not enough.

What is the answer then?

What did I build?

I’ve always known that if you build it they will come was not true.

I mean, you’d have to build something truly amazing for them to come just because you built it.

I build web sites and I built quite a few over the years.

Most recently, because of my online social media journey, I built 3 not counting my two blogs and all my social media accounts.

I created a Snapchat directory web site that lets you find Snapchat friends and manage your Snapchat interactions at https://snapexec.com/

I created an automated crypto currency trading robot platform that traded Bitcoins on auto pilot for you at https://www.MyCryptoAutobot.com

More recently, I created a course hosting platform that simplifies course creation and hosting, permits free account, has blog integration. social media features as well as full metrics and email features.

Click eCourse (at https://www.clickecourse.com) is a full featured platform to host your course but also to promote other creator’s courses and the platform itself for affiliates.

How to get them to come?

You might be wondering then, how do you get them to come to your site or business?

I mean, if you build it they will come only if they know about it, right?

Sure, you can spend thousands on advertising…

What if you don’t have the funds?

Well, you either need time or money, unfortunately.

Time to have conversations and build rapport with people or money to spend on ads.

Time is needed either way though

If you don’t have time to build relationships and have money to spend on ads, that’s okay but keep in mind, you will need time for your ads to build those relationships.

Just remember that people buy from people.

They will buy from brands if they believe the brand can be trusted.

This is why we talk about personal branding.

It’s probably the best way to grow a business in 2020.

It’s becoming harder and harder to build a brand that isn’t a person now because of social media’s prevalence.


I hope I’ve helped to clarify if you build it they will come so you know what to focus on.

You still can build it and they will eventually come, but only after they know, like and trust you.

As a personal brand, you can learn how to attract them to you.

Watch the video to learn more.

and please share, your friends need to see this too.

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