What is difference between Click eCourse and Teachable course hosting platform?

Let’s do an honest comparison between Teachable and Click eCourse platforms.

In this blog post and video, I’ll be showing the differences between these two course hosting platforms.

My main goal here is to give you a perspective on both.

I am also happy to discover features missing in Click eCourse.

Before getting into the comparison, let’s give a quick overview of each platform.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is a web site where you can host your courses and they state it like this:

Share what you know ™

Create online courses and coaching services. Transform your experience and know-how into a thriving knowledge business.

Looking further on the web site, you’ll find information about hosting courses and consulting as well as the pricing and features.

Their account prices are from $29/m to $299/m

We’ll dig into that shortly, but first this.

What is Click eCourse?

Click eCourse is a web site with social media features, a blog platform and syndication engine where you can host your courses.

Their about page talks about features for students, teachers, marketers and affiliates.

You can host up to 2 course on their free account with their best plans at $150/m (or 2 months free when paid yearly)

Notable features are RSS feeds for podcasts, your own WordPress blog site and social media features such as groups, pages, a news feed, friends and commenting.

Feature comparision

FeatureClick eCourseTeachable
Free planyesno
PricingFree option or
Yearly: $8.33/25/62.50/125m
Monthly: $10/30/75/150/m
Yearly: $29/99/299/m
Monthly: $39/$119/$299/m
Transaction feesnone5% on $29/m plan
No fees on other plans
Blogging platformyesno
Social pagesyesno
Social groupsyesno
Social friend connectionsyesno
Social media feedyesno
Private messagingyesno
Host coursesyesyes
Students per courseunlimitedunlimited
Allow MP3 (audio) downloadyes on $10/m+no
Allow MP4 (video) downlodyes on $10/m+no
Members only communityyesyes
Admin level usersunlimited2/5/20
Maximum courses2/10/30/75/150unlimited
Affiliate programyes even free planon $99+ plans
Custom domainon $75/m+ plansyes
RSS feed for podcastsyes on $10/m+ plansno
News feed of site activitiesyesno
Coupon codesyesyes
Deal pricesyesno
Graded Quizzesyesonly on $99+ plan
Unbranded web siteon $75/m+ planson $99+ plans
Bulk import studentsnoon $299 plan
Course completion certificatesnoon $99+ plan
Drip course contentnoyes
Notify students of new lessonsyesno
Notify students of new commentsyesno

That’s a lot of things to discuss!

Let’s try to get through these

Pricing and fees

On Click eCourse you can use the platform for free and can upgrade later.

On Teachable, you must pay at least $39 for 1 month to try it out.

On Teachable, they have 3 different plans, from $39 to $299/m.

Click eCourse has 5 different plans, from 0 to $150/m.

Teachable plans are: Basic is $39/m, Pro is $119/m and Business is $299/m

Click eCourse plans are: Beginner at $10/m, Influencer is $30/m, Professional is $75/m and Extreme is $150/m

On both platforms you get 2 months free when paying yearly.

On Teachable, you must pay 5% transaction fees on any sales unless you upgrade to the $99 a month plan.

On Click eCourse, there are no additional transaction fees ever.

On both platforms, any fees charged by 3rd party payment gateways (like PayPal or Stripe) are passed on to the payer.

Social Media and courses?

You might be surprised to see social media features such as groups, pages, private messages, friends and news feeds in the feature list.

This is unique to Click eCourse platform as this is not available on Teachable.

The extent of social content on Teachable is comments on lessons, what they call Lecture comments.

On Click eCourse, each student can register for free to access and the can choose to have a public profile as well.

With a public profile, they can create posts, pages or groups and they can send private messages to other members.

They can also be friends with others and private message those friends.

Posts in the feed can be text or pictures and commenting on public courses and lessons also create a new feed post.

Adding new lessons to courses or publishing new courses adds a feed item as well.

Finally, students can rate a course 1 to 5 stars and doing so adds that to the feed.


Hopefully, this comparison was valuable to you and you can make a more informed decision on if you should use Teachable or Click eCourse to host your course online.

Either platform has pros and cons and there’s a lot of things to consider.

Watch the video to see more insights into these differences.

I invite you to share this post with your friends that want to know by clicking on the social icons.

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