What is difference between Click eCourse and Kajabi platforms?

If you’ve ever thought about creating digital content online, you probably heard about Kajabi.

It’s definitely a great option if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform.

Click eCourse is also a platform that includes lots of tools and features but it might not be the one for you.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the differences between those two platforms so you can decide which one is for you.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a course hosting platform and they describe themselves as: Everything you need for your knowledge business all in one place.

When you visit their site, the talk about online courses, membership site and coaching programs hosting.

They also mention how you don’t need to know any coding and you don’t need to integrate anything else for your knowledge based business since they, apparently, have every tool you’d need.

Personally, I’ve not used Kajabi as a course creator, but I’ve used it as a student and it certainly worked fine for me in that cpaacity.

Reading their list of features is certainly impressive and looks like they are a great option for course creators.

What is Click eCourse?

The other platform we’ll be comparing today is Click eCourse which is a course hosting platform as well with social media features.

It is also a platform where you can create membership sites, host courses and create web sites, among other things.

As the creator of Click eCourse, I’ll try to not be biased and I’ll start by saying that Click eCourse may not be the platform for you.

Hopefully this will help you choose between these two platforms.

Other comparisons

Before going into this comparison blog post, I thought you might like to know that we’ve done comparisons with many other platforms and will continue to do more.

You can find all of the blog posts by going to the Comparison category list which will always show all of them.

As of this writing, the comparisons where done with Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare and Business Center.

The differences

Let’s list the main features of each platform and how they compare

FeatureKajabiClick eCourse
Course hostingyesyes
Maximum course3 to 1002 to 150
Plan pricing$149 to $399/mfree to $150/m
Landing pagesyessimple
Marketing emailsyesno
Maximum contacts10k to 100kunlimited
Maximum members1k to 20kunlimited
Websites1 or 31
Admin users1 to 25unlimited
Paypal paymentsyesyes
Stripe paymentsyesno (in development)
Mobile accessyes (with ap)yes (with mobile browser)
Transaction feesnonenone
Webinars and eventsyesno
Social groupsnoyes
Comment on coursesnoyes
Comment on lessonsyesyes
Download mp3 from videosnoyes (if you want)
Allow student video downloadnoyes (if you want)
Embed YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo videosnoyes
Upload your own videosyesyes (on paid plans)
Web site builderyesyes (WordPress)
Membership sites11 to 50
Commissions on monthly feesnoup to 75%
Affiliate systemyes (in $199/m+)yes (in free plan)
Social feednoyes
Course marketplacenoyes

There’s surely a lot more we could list here but this gives you a general idea.

Marketing tools included

Once definite strong advantage of Kajabi is it’s inclusion of a CRM, a web site builder, a email marketing tool as well as course and webinar hosting.

If you use and need those tools, then you might find that the monthly cost of Kajabi is worth it.

One thing that Click eCourse is not strong on is exactly that – there is social tools as well as web site builder using WordPress but we do not have a CRM or email marketing tools.

Pricing of each platform

One thing you will notice is that Click eCourse does include a free account option with which you can host 2 courses with some limitations but it gives you the ability to try out the site.

On Kajabi, they do offer a free 14 day trial, but require a credit card to activate the account which is certainly fine if you know you need what they offer and just want to confirm you like how to use the platform.

Click eCourse’s plans go up to $150/m (with 2 free months if you pay yearly) and Kajabi‘s plans go from $149/m to $399/m with rebates on yearly plans as well.

Keep in mind that Click eCourse also offers up to 75% in commissions on anyone you refer to the platform and who decides to pay a monthly (or yearly) plan.

Social media aspects

You might think that a course hosting platform isn’t a social media network, like Facebook or Twitter and you’d be right.

However, as social media platforms become more and more restrictive, it becomes harder to ensure your students get all the communications you want them to (and that they would like to get as well) if you use Facebook groups for example.

This is why, on Click eCourse, you can create social groups similarly to Facebook.

These groups can be setup to notify everyone on new posts and it becomes the member’s choice if they want to be notified or not and even when.

They can choose to be notified right away, daily, weekly or monthly.

That’s not something you can control in Facebook or something available on Kajabi.

It might be a reason to consider Click eCourse.

Other features

A great feature of Kajabi is the ability to customize the course landing page and although you can do some of that on Click eCourse, Kajabi is the clear winner.

Automation of workflows is also an advanced feature of Kajabi that can be very valuable.

As for Click eCourse, the Content Syndication Engine may be something you’d like to explore. It allows you to create content to share a video, for example, to image and text social platforms by creating the assets you need automatically such as screen shots, shortened video files or audio files.


As with anything else, there is always some pros and some cons to any solution you choose.

Hopefully, this blog post and video will help you make the decision you’ll be happy with.

I’m always here if you have any other questions.

Be sure to watch the video for more insights.

Don’t forget to share by clicking the social icons.

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