What is difference between Click eCourse and Click4Course?

What an interesting find! I was searching for other course hosting platforms and found this.

I guess someone else thought that “click something” was a great name for a web site.

So, I checked it out and will be reporting back here what I found out about the site.

In this comparison guide, I’ll show you the main differences between these two platforms and you can decide which is best for you.

What is Click4Course?

According to Click4Coure’s website, it’s a course hosting platform where you can sell your course or you can host courses for your employees.

They have 4 different plans, one for those who want to sell their course and 3 for businesses wanting to host for their students.

I wasn’t able to see how their UI to create courses or navigate their site is though because their account creation is manual

Their features page talks about support for video, PDF, PowerPoint, surveys and quizzes.

What is Click eCourse?

The main purpose of Click eCourse is also to host your courses online and sell them.

It’s a site that allows you to create courses so you can sell them or host them in private, it’s your choice.

You can also setup affiliate programs so others will want to promote your courses.

It’s also a social platforms with a news feed, profiles, groups and pages and includes a wordpress web site too.

Comparison between Click eCourse and Click4Course

Here are the main feature differences as can be seen by looking at each web site’s feature list.

FeatureClick eCourseClick 4Course
Host your coursesyesyes
Sell your coursesyesyes
Private course hubyesyes
Automated registrationyesno
Self-serve private site creationyesno
How much of sales do you keep100%90%
Maximum number of courses2-150unlimited
Manage learnersyesyes
Discount codesyesyes
Special deal pricingyesno
Tests (quizzes)yesyes
Commission on monthly feesUp to 75%none
Drip coursesyesno
Upload your lesson videosyesnot sure
Use YT, FB or Vimeo linkyesnot sure
Comment on coursesyesnot sure
Comment on lessonsyesnot sure
Social feedyesno
Social groupsyesno
Private messages to studentsyesno
Personal profileyesnot sure
Your own website (WordPress)yesno
Free account for life optionyesno
Free 30 day trial on paid plansnoyes
Plan pricingfree/10/30/75/$150/m$79/99/199/499/m

As you can see there are quite a few differences between the platforms.

Creating a corporate training site

Once of the things that stood out to me when I looked at the Click4Course site was that they promote corporate training sites.

They do have a plan to host your courses to sell at $79/m but they have three different plans for corporate training site.

You either pay $99/m, $199 or $499/m depending on how many students/employees will access the trainings.

According to their web site and their blog, they include custom UI work for your site and have great support.

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm this as I have not received my account confirmation at the time of this writting.

Selling your courses

If, on the other hand, you are more interested in selling your courses, either platform could do it.

On Click4Course you get unlimited courses and support for custom branding for a $79/m fee and 10% of your course sales.

As for Click eCourse, there is a limit of 150 courses on the $150/m plan but you can host up to 2 course on the free plan and you keep 100% of your sales dollars.

It all depends on what you value the most – having unlimited courses or 100% of your sales.

Keep in mind Click eCourse also gives you the possibility of getting commissions on referrals who upgrade to a monthly plan, up to 75% commission.

Social features

One of the main feature group that Click eCourse has is the social features.

Users on the site (or your site) can interact with other users/students in a variety of ways.

There is a social feed that shows new courses, new lessons, new ratings or new comments as well as user profile changes such as their profile picture or cover photo.

You (and they) can also send private messages to others on the site without needing to know their private contact information.

Also, there are social groups and pages which can be created to interact with others.

Course hosting features

The site Click4Course talks about tests and surveys as well as how you can have video, powerpoint or other format for your course content.

With Click eCourse, it’s videos, images, PDF files or quizzes.

Once thing that is important to mention is you have the option of allowing your students to download videos or audios of your courses.

Of course, you can watch course videos on your mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop.

Generating income from the e-learning boom

Of course, you can sell your course and if you are really good at marketing it, you can make lots.

Notice I didn’t say “if your course is really good” because that doesn’t affect much if you can’t market it properly.

In any case, no matter which platform you choose to sell your course, you’ll have the same work to do to sell it.

However, on Click eCourse, you can choose to give commissions to anyone who sells the course for you and you decide how much commission you give them/

Also, if you refer anyone to the platform (or even if they become a student of your course – even it if’s free) who decides to upgrade their account, you can get up to 75% commission from what they pay every month.

Of course, this is not a promise of income, but it could be very interesting.


As you can see there is quite a difference between these two platforms if you consider all features.

If you are looking only for course hosting, then Click4Course does appear to be a great option.

Watch the video to see more about all this.

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