What is a Drip Course and How to Create a Drip Course?

Let’s talk about Drip courses.

What they are and how to create them.

Of course, it depends on the platform you use and if it’s supported on it so we’ll show you how it works on Click eCourse platform at https://www.clickecourse.com/

First, let’s define what we mean by drip course.

What is a Drip Course?

When we talk about a Drip course, firstly, let’s clarify I’m talking about an online course course, or a digital course.

More specifically, a series of videos a student can watch.

A traditional online video course usually allows the student to watch any of the videos (or lessons) as they see fit.

They can watch them all on the same day and in the order they want.

A Drip Course, on the other hand, doesn’t allow that but rather “drips” content (videos or lessons) based on a schedule.

As the course creator, you choose what that schedule is.

It could be a new lesson each day, every 2 or 3 days, every week… or even every month.

How to Create a Drip Course?

Now that you know what is a Drip Course, let’s talk about the process to create one.

Obviously, if we are talking about an online video style course, the first step is to record your videos for the lessons.

Well, the first step is to choose your topic, decide on what results you want your students to get, structure your lessons in a sequence for them to achieve that.. and after deciding what content is required, then record the videos, but that’s not what this post is about.

For example, it could look like this:

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Let’s assume you already have your course as a traditional course and you want to make it a drip course.

That process is simple.

There are two types on Drip Courses supported on Click eCourse.

The first is a date based course and the other is a signup date based one.

In either case, you choose when each lesson will be delivered relative to them the course starts for the student.

Creating a Virtual Summit using a Drip Course

One thing you can do is create a Virtual Summit using a Drip Course.

That’s because you can choose to make the videos/lessons only available for a period of time.

You can even make different videos available before the main one or after the main one.

I did that with my BitClout Virtual Summit.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

Basically, you setup all the videos based on when they should become available to the registrants (students)

For example, my summit lasts 10 days and has 3 or 4 videos per day.

For each day, I uploaded 2 different videos, the main one and a trimmed one with a trailer.

All videos would have a trimmed version of it with the same trailer.

The main video would be not be available until it’s “publish” day and then only for 24 hours.

After those 24 hours, the trimmed video would be shown with the trailer telling them to get a lifetime VIP pass to watch the rest.

You could choose to show an other video before the day of that lessons’ publish day as well but I chose to not show anything until the day of.

What options are available for Drip Course creation?

On Click eCourse, there are two important things to setup for a Drip Course.

First, the course itself has to be configured as a Drip Course.

You choose the Start date of the first dripped content as well as the time.

If you don’t enable Time travel option, the time will be based on your time zone.

Next, for each lesson, or video, you decide when it will become available.

Along with which videos are to be shown before and after the drip “time”.

You also decide on how long the full (or main) video will be shown when it becomes available.

There’s even an option to choose what access you give to those who have full access to the course (if you chose to sell a full access pass)


As you can see, creating a drip course is relatively simple when you understand the basics.

You’ll want to watch the video too as I show you more in details what is outlined here.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help.

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