How to create a simple eBook to grow your Facebook group?

One thing you’ll need to really grow your group is something to give new members.

Sure, that could be your time and your posts and comments but unless you’re retired, you don’t have time to be there always.

You could give them something from someone else and rebrand it, that’s probably pretty easy to do.

But if you want to be seen as the expert, you will probably want to the the author of what you give them.

An eBook is still one of best freebees

Even thougth there are lots out there and more people seem to think a course is better, more value, a PDF eBook is still very good to give away

The main reason is that it’s a great way to get their feet wet in getting to know you quickly.

Also, it’s a lot easier to have your simple 1 page PDF printed and on their wall than a course.

So let’s get into what is actually needed to create a simple eBook.

What e-books have I done?

I’ve dona many e-books since starting my journey online.

The first one I did was a 24 page e-book on how to find your passion, then I did one on how to get people’s number, then simple strategies and then the 12 steps to online success.

I even did one on Bitcoins

What I learned from all this is that you don’t need to make it so complicated.

People want simple.

Sure, it’s great to have tons of details and information, but that is more to make you feel like you did something worth it.

Remember what they need

The best ebooks I’ve seen are single page lists for a few reasons.

First, they are great reminders because they are just bullet lists.

People love simple and a list is definitely simple to do and to use.

You can leverage it to give more value by explaining the bullet points in the list.

Create email campaigns, videos or posts that explain each bullet item.

Or even create a long form ebook with those bullet items explained more.

Creating your simple eBook

I show you how I did this in the video t I used to create a sinle page flyer.

The I just edited it and entered my title and list of bullet points on a single page.

My particular topic was Facebook Engagement Scaling Secrets and the top 10 secrets

It’s a simple eBook which is just a page, so this is what it ended up looking like.

As you can see, it’s quite simple and you might be thinking it’s not enough.

Anyway, that’s what I thought when I started which is why I created 20+ page ebooks.

I thought I was being smarter than the other marketers by creating someone of value.

But value isn’t always amount of content, it can be in simplicity too.


Of course, creating an ebook is just the beginning.

You need a way for people to ask for it and for you to send it.

You could just ask them and send it manually but the best is to create an email list in your auto responder and send it that way because they join your list and you can send them more.

Make sure to watch video as I also show you how to do that in aWeber.

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