What can you do with Click eCourse (Sept 2021 update)?

Click eCourse is a platform that does a lot of stuff.

Maybe you heard about it being a course hosting site.

That’s certainly one thing it does, it’s actually the first thing I created it for.

I remember when I first created it and had that as the main feature for it.

How it all started

It was in May 2019 that I decided to let my idea take shape.

Before that, I had been wanting a place to host my own video courses.

I’d been checking the different places other marketers host their courses online and just didn’t like any of the platforms.

Either they were too expensive to get started on, or were lacking features or just wanted too much of my sales income.

I decided to spend a weekend and build it.

I remember a friend asking me and I said I’d do it during the weekend.

Crazy, right?

100,000 lines of code

After over 2 1/2 years of development and over 100,000 lines of code, it’s a lot more than a course hosting site.

I know the lines of code doesn’t tell you anything but according to a post I found online, that’s like 4 years of work.

The quote from https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-average-cost-of-a-single-line-of-code-for-a-big-tech-company goes like this:

Well, one way of looking at this is that a software engineer can generate about 100 lines of debugged, high-level code per day. That same engineer works about 50 weeks per year, 5 days per week. Thus, their net output is around 25,000 lines of code.

Anyway, you probably don’t care much about that, let’s just get to what you can do with the site now.

What can you do on Click eCourse platform?

Here’s the current list of things you can do on the Click eCourse platform:

  1. Host simple video courses
  2. Host complex courses with modules and quizes
  3. Host drip content courses
  4. Host your own WordPress blog site
  5. Create content to syndicate a video accross all platforms
  6. Host a podcast for all big podcasting platforms
  7. Create your own links page
  8. Create your own course hosting site (school)
  9. Create your own software hosting site
  10. Create your own domain redirection links

There’s more but that’s the most important functions.

Let’s get more into each of these…

#1 – Host simple video courses

What I mean by a simple video course is just that, a course with just videos.

I find that this is what most marketers do and what most people want.

It’s a series of videos that you can watch one after the others, or in any sequence you’d like.

All platforms support this but most make you go through a complex setup to do it.

On Click eCourse, it’s the basic feature, just create the course and add videos.

#2 – Host complex courses with modules and quizes

You can also create more complex courses if you want to organize it better.

This is how most ofther platforms make you create even a simple course.

You need to create the modules (or sections) and they add content to them.

It’s a little more complex, but much more organized.

In each module, you can add one or more videos, text, files or quizes.

#3 – Host drip content courses

A normal course is setp so that all lessons are immeiately accessible.

Your student can watch all the videos right away, in any order they want.

With drip courses, you choose when each video becomes available.

The classic example is a video a day where each video is only available a day after the previous one.

On Click eCourse you can make multiple videos available on the same day or many days apart.

You can also have a different video shown depending on when we are (before, during or after the day)

#4 – Host your own WordPress blog site

It’s not something everyone will tell you but if you’re building a business online, you need a website.

Sure, you could just have the courses landing pages as your website, but that isn’t enough I think.

You need a place to talk about yourself, about how to reach you and everything you do.

Maybe you don’t need a blog to post every day, but you don’t need to have a blog.

Regardless of if you post daily or not, a WordPress web site can do it all.

And it’s included free with Click eCourse

#5 – Create content to syndicate a video accross all platforms

If there’s one feature I’m proud of the most, it woud be this.

Everyone who builds a business online, on social media, will tell you they have to post everywhere.

That doesn’t mean spending tons of time on every platform as you shoud focus on one, but creating content for all platforms is a daunting task.

This is where the syndication engine comes it.

You can define any number of assets to generate from a single video.

Like me, I create my 30ish minute video each week and run it through the engine to generate assets such as:

  • A 5 minute video with trailer for Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • A 2 minute video with trailer for Twitter
  • An square image for podcast episode
  • A wav file audio for podcast hosting
  • a GIF image for LinkedIn video thumbnail
  • a JPG image for YouTube thumbnail
  • A JPG image with a video play icon for blog
  • A GIF image with a video play icon for blog and email
  • A vertical video with header and subtitles for IGTV
  • Text of varying lengths for the different social platforms

And you can configure it to generate any number of other assets

#6 – Host a podcast for all big podcasting platforms

If one thing is for sure, it’s that podcasts are an important asset to create

Who has time to create videos for all platforms and a podcast too?

Why not combine the two?

On Click eCourse, you can upload your videos, or even use YouTube videos, and host them as podcasts.

All you have to do is use the RSS Feed (or Alexa feed for Alexa skills) and you’ve got a podcast.

The platform automatically extracts the audio from the video and makes that available to the podcast platform.

You don’t need to do anything special and just need to enter the URL for the podcast

#7- Create your own links page

One thing about social platforms is that many of them only let you put in a single link on your BIO.

Even if they let you put multiple links, experts will tell you that you should have only one link anyways.

That’s why there’s a very popular site called Linktree out there but why use that and pay something more?

Click eCourse lets you create a links page with as many links as you’d like.

You can set each link button with different styles and colors and you can choose a background for the page.

It will also tell you how many impressions the page got and how many clicks each link button got.

#8 – Create your own course hosting site (school)

By default, creating a basic video course, an advanced module course or a drip course on Click eCourse will put it in the main marketplace.

It will be visible to anyone logged in to the platform.

You can choose to make it unlisted, available to just those logged in or to anyone not logged in as well.

But, if you want to have only your courses visible on your own web site, you can do that too.

You create your own school site and choose to make your courses available only on that site.

You can even create your courses on your school site so only your courses are on your site and make them available in the main marketplace as well.

#9 – Create your own software hosting site

One of the more recent features is the software site.

This allows you to create an area to manage users and data for an external software project.

For example, if you had a Chrome Extension, you would need a way to store user data and you could get an AWS server and add another monthly fee, or you can use a Click eCourse software site.

I’m using it exactly for that right now.

I’ve built a Chrome Extension and use the software site feature to have the extension login and store the user data.

This allows them to login on a different computer and access the same data as well as allows me to control their access based on a subscription

#10 – Create your own domain redirection links

Last but not least is the domain forwarding site feature.

This feature allows you to setup a domain that redirects to another domain using the first part of url as the key.

I developed this for myself since my name is hard to spell but still wanted to manage all my links using it.

For example, if I want you to go to my aWeber affiliate link, instead of pasting the aWeber link itself, I use my main domain so that aweber.jeansergegagnon.com redirects you to the right link.

This allows me to change the link if needed but not change any of the previously posted urls since I used my own domain.

Problem is that I need to spell out my link when talking about it in audio or video because my name isn’t super easy to figure out for most people.

So, I decided to register the simpler domain jsgagnon.com but I do not want to have to add all the destination links again to that domain.

I literally have hundreds of links configured in my main domain.

This is what the forwarding domain feature is for.

Once configured, anything with jsgagnon.comm like aweber.jsgagnon.com is automatically redirected to the longer domain which then does the final redirection.


As you can see Click eCourse is a platform that does a lot.

Almost all these features are available with a free account.

Some are enhaced with the paid accounts with higher limits for example, or ability to upload videos instead of just YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo video links.

Watch the video to see more details and how to access these features.

Oh, and btw, there are more features on the platform too.

Lastly, share this blog post with your friends by clicking the social icons.

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