How to find best new prospects daily on Facebook?

Facebook really is the best place to find new prospects!

I’m sure you’ve heard all the gurus tell you all kinds of tricks to find prospects.

Most of those tricks actually do work, if you work them.

And that’s the main problem with Facebook lead generation – your time wasted.

Why do I say you waste your time?

Obvisouly, it’s not a total waste of time if you find great prospects that end up being customers.

After a few customers, you can even figure out how much time you need to spend to find one.

It’s probably a lot better than in the real world or with money spent on ads.

What I mean by wasting your time though is that there’s a better way, or at least one where you spend less time searching.

What do leaders and gurus tell you to do on Facebook?

If you’ve been around building a buisiness and an audience on social media for more than 2 months, you know this strategy.

Bascially, what they say is to go where your target market, your avatar congregates and engage on the content there.

Translated, that means find Facebook groups they are active in, go to those groups every day, read the posts, answer questions and generaly engage on content.

I mean, that is amazing advice and it does work very well…

But, like I said before, you have to work it.

This means, you need to spend 1-2 hours a day in the group or groups and do genuin engagement.

If you have that kind of time, that’s awesome – you’ll get far.

What if you don’t have the time?

If you’re like me with a day job, a a family and other activities, you might not have that kind of time to spend on Facebook.

So, what do you do?

Well, the gurus tell you to take the time you can and do that…

So, if you only have 5 or 10 minutes a day, then do that and you’ll get some results.

Although that’s true (I’ve tried it), the problem is it’s really hard to get consitent results and people can see you’re barely active compared to those with more time.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, I don’t know if this is “the solution”, but it’s one I’ve been trying out and is getting me results.

Leaders also say that Facebook is a reciprocical algorithm.

This means that you get back what you give.

So, if you want people to comment on your posts, you must comment on other people’s posts.

Same goes for getting reactions or shares.

It’s a little deeper than that, like you’ll get engagement on pictures if you mostly engage on pictures, or on videos or lives, if they are what you mostly engage on.

The real solution

The real secret is to use attraction marketing techniques.

Intead of commenting on posts and messaging people to try to talk to them about your product or offer, you make them come to you.

Imagine, you don’t try to convince people, they just ask you when they are ready to hear about your stuff.

Wouldn’t that be amazing if you could do that?

The little secret

Here’s the secret: engage on active people’s stuff!

What does that mean?

Instead of visiting your friend list on their birthday and wishing them happy birthday, find someone who posted today and comment on that.


Your friend may not even see your birthday wish or your posts because they might not even be on Facebook, but the other person was active and they may likely see it.

How do you find the active people?

You could just browse your news feed or the groups feed but that’s going to show you active people that Facebook wants you to see.

Those are people you engaged with before who probably already know all about you and what you have to offer.

You need new blood!

You want new blood that wants your stuff!

Just like the gurus say, go to the groups that your dream customers are and check show’s active.

Then go visit their profile.

Sure, you can (and should) engage on their posts in the groups but that has less weight than engagegement on their personal profile posts.

Find busy posts with lots of comments and visit all these people’s profiles.

An even better way!

Sounds like a lot fo work, right?

What if there was an even better way?

What if you could enter the groups and by magic get profiles to engage on?

Sounds too good to be true?

Actually, I created a Chrome Extension to do just that!

You put in the groups you are interested in checking and it will spit out a list of the profiles of the people who are active.

Then you just need to visit those profiles by clicking on the links…


I’d love to hear from you if you try this strategy out.

In the video, I show you exactly how to do this yourself.

Of course, if you’d like to try out the new tool, let me know but you don’t need the tool to try out the strategy.

Watch the video to learn more and see exactly what I’m talking about

And don’t forget to share with your friends by clicking the social icons.

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