What is Active Group Users Chrome Extension?

Did you see the Movie “The Matrix”?

Remember that scene where they first go into the construct and Morpheus says to Neo:

Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place?

You think that’s air you’re breathing now?

Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix

I feel like that’s how it is in Facebook and my question to you is this:

Do you beleive that your post quality and frequency has anything to do with your engagement in this place?

The real secret to Facebook engagement

Ok, so before I tell what Active Group Users (get on wait list at http://ActiveGroupUsers.com) is, let’s talt about Facebook engagement.

Not sure if you noticed, but engagement on Facebook has become harder and harder to get.

When I say engagement, I mean having people react, comment and share your posts.

If you’re like me, you get almost no engagement without spending hours on Facebook.

Am I right or am I right?

The secret to engagement is that it’s reciprocal and you probably know that.

If not, what I’m talking about is that you’ll get engagement if you engage on other people’s stuff.

Facebook knows if you are active and rewards you when you are by showning your stuff to others.

Let’s face it, if people don’t see your stuff, they can’t engage on it, right?

How do you get the right enagement?

Something else you might have noticed is that you see the posts from the same 10-20 people in your feed.

The reason is that you engage on those posts so Facebook shows you more of it.

This also means that the same people see your stuff all the time.

How do you break the cycle?

For one, you need to engage on new people’s stuff – finding them in groups, reels or stories that you don’t normall engage on.

Leaders say to go to groups and become the person who helps others.

Go to groups where you are an expert and where people who want your stuff hang out , that’s what they say, right?

Now, I’m not debating that as I totally agree, it’s where you can find your target market.

Who has time to scroll the groups?

Yes, it’s definitely a great idea to scroll the groups and engage on posts.

But remember this, the people posting are trying to attract you…

The ones you want to bring into your world are the ones commenting on those posts.

Imagine looking at the comments on those group posts and commenting back on them.

I did that for a bit and I got some traction, but I’d be willing to bet that most people thought I was a stalker or was just there to sell them something.

You don’t want that… so how do you fix it?

Use Active Group Users Chrome Extension of course

You probably knew this was comming… but why use it? What is it?

Active Group Users by Social PRO Manager is a Chrome Extension that gets you a list of active users in groups.

Simple, right?

How it works is you give it groups to browse and it finds the people who comment on posts.

It then gives you a nice list of links to click so you can visit their profiles in Facebook.

The best part

The best part is that you ge to save a ton of time.

Instead of wasting time loading group feed, loading group post comments and waiting for the users’ groups profile to load so you can finally access their main profile link, you just click a button and all those profile links are there for you in a few minutes.

Imagine trying to find 10-20 people to visit their profile each day to grow your audience, reach and engagement.

You’ll easily spend 1-2 hours doing that.

What if it took you 10 minutes instead?

Wouldn’t that be worth looking into at least?

Check it out at http://ActiveGroupUsers.com


I think you’re going to want to watch the video too as I show you exactly how the Active Group Users Chrome Extension works.

I share my screen so you can experience it yourself.

Make sure to share this post and video too with your friends that are trying to grow their audience, reach and engagement, they need it too and there’s plenty of customers for everyone.

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