How to create videos for Facebook ads to sell your stuff?

Imagine people actually buying your stuff!

Wouldn’t that be the best feeling ever?

If you’re like me you’ve had a few sales and you know it’s possible if you can figure out how to scale it.

I must have spent $30k in ads over the years, since 2015.

Unfortunately, old data is no longer available so all I can say is that I spent $13,606.40 since September 1st 2018.

Let’s get into what you actually need to do to get results.

I learned the strategy from my fiend and mentor Marc Lalonde aka the Wealthy Trainer.


The most important things to do before anything else is answer these questions:

  1. What you are selling?
  2. What does it solve?
  3. Who is it for?
  4. What is the “one thing” you will promote?

When we talk about marketing, the most important thing to remember is to not sell your thing, but what it solves for who it’s for.

For example, I’m selling a Chrome Extension that gives you a list of active group users but what it solves for my target market (affiliate marketers) is they are spending too much time on social media.

More specifically, in my case, here’s my answers:

  1. Active Group Users Chrome Extension (
  2. Eliminate wasted time on social media so you can focus on income generating activities
  3. Affiliate Marketers who are wasting time on people not interested in their stuff and feel like no one sees their posts
  4. How to attract the right people by growing your Facebook engagement without spending all your time browsing the wrong places

The foundation

Once you have your basics defined, you can start to actually do the work.

Here’s what you’ll actually need:

  • Create 5-10 short 15-60s videos (7 is good number)
  • Videos must be pure value and should not have any CTA or try to sell anything
  • Upload these to your page (can’t promote from profile)
  • Create a custom audience of those who watch them
  • Setup ads to get video views to them using a targeted audience (a saved audience)
  • Spend $1-$2 per day per video ($50-$100 per week)

To create your first targeted audience, go to your ad account, the the Audience tool, click Create Audience and Select Saved Audience.

That’s where you’ll create an audience that had certain characteristics, like where they live, what language they speak and what interests they have.

Next, you’ll need your custom audience for video views – you must upload videos before you can do that though.

Watch the video as I do show you that around the 41m timestamp.

What else do you need?

Other things you’ll need to get done are:

  • A funnel to offer your product
  • Ideally, have a free item to get them on your list
  • Have a website where your product is available for full price
  • Make funnel have a limited time one time offer with better deal and bonuses.

It’s relatively simple to do but not necessarily easy.

Doing these are pretty critical though as without them, you have an incomple stack.

For the free item, it can be as simple as all those videos in a page or a PDF with what you say in the videos.

Making the offer

Once you have everything else prepared, it’s time to actually make your offer.

You’ll want to record another short video – 1-2 minutes perhaps

Then you create new ads of those same videos from before (you can pause the others ads if you want if the custom audience is big enough) to the custom audience.

You also create a new ad for the offer video to the custom audience (not the saved one)

If you did 7 problem solving videos, then you’d have 8 videos now to promote.

That’s a budget of $8-$16 per day

Why does this work?

You might be wondering why this works though.

The reason is that by having the first “pure value” videos show to new people, you grow a custom audience.

Then by re-targeting those same peope using the custom audience of video viewers, they will start to see you in their news feed all the time.

That will build know/like/trust factor of you because it’s regular exposure to you.

Once you make your offer to those people who have seen you for the last few weeks, they will trust you enough to buy your stuff.

Simple, right?


There’s definitely a lot of steps to putting this in place and that’s probably why most entrepreneurs fail and give up.

I’ve tried doing this a few times and got some results but never really kept it going long enough.

I can tell you that it works though as Marc has proved it.

Let me know if you give it a try and what your results are – I’ll be updating you one that too.

Watch the video to learn even more about this.

And don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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