Where should Affiliate Marketers grow their audience?

As an affiliate marketer, did you know you needed an audience?

Yeah, I’m sure you do but what you might not know if where do you find that audience?

Or rather, where should you find it.

The answer is, of course, it depends, but let me take you on a journey in the next few paragraphs of why…

If you’re like me, when I started, I just thought that it was a numbers game.

Just post links to my offer and a percentage of people who see it will buy it, right?

It’s not just a numbers game

What I learned over the years though is that even though it might be true that it’s a number’s game, we are no longer in control.

Let me explain…

There are lots of problems with treating any business as a number’s game but the biggest, by far, when building online is that the social media platforms control your actions.

I mean, if you could post about your product once and have all your 4000 friends see it…

or if you could post 1000 times a day and get get 4 people to see each post, that might work

but the problem is that isn’t what will happen.

First, the platforms will only show your post to a few people and second, if you post that much, you’ll get put in jail, well, social media jail.

Be social

The thing is that the platforms, they want you to be social.

I know, I know, I’m the same.

When I first got started online, I didn’t care about anyone there – no more than strangers at a BBQ party.

I didn’t care that 99% of them wouldn’t like me – I only cared about the 1% that would.

Problem is that the platform won’t let you talk to thos 1000 people to get the 10.

Just the same as the security guard that won’t let you in the BBQ because they know your type LOL

So, you kinda have to play by the rules on the social platforms

Reproduce real life

The secret is to remember when the successful sales people do in real life.

You meet people, have conversations about them, show them your interest in them, become their friends.

You don’t tell them about what you have to sell until they are your friends.

Actuallly, you don’t ever tell them about what you sell, but rather what it can do for them…

And only, when you know it can help them because you know them and their problems.

Imagine how to do that online – it’s not by spaming your links every day by the way.

So, Where should Affiliate Marketers grow their audience?

Now that you know how to behave on social media, let’s get to the original question.

Where should Affiliate Marketers grow their audience?

The answer is that you should grow your audience where you are most comfortable being.

I’m referring to the social platform you like the most.

Personally, it’s Facebook where I have over 4000 friends even though I have over 11.4k Twitter followers, 16k LinkedIn connections, 4000 Instagram and 2500 TikTok followers

Facebook is still the easiest platform to find your audience.

Of course, you need to define your audience first – I know, we all think our product is for everyone but the secret to marketing is focusing your message on one person, called the avatar.

Don’t get me wrong, I still build an email list and grow all my other platforms but I don’t focus on those.

How to find where your audience is on Facebook?

If you’re going to grow your audience on Facebook like me, the best place to go is in groups where your avatar hangs out.

That’s why you need to define your avatar so you know where to find him/her

On other platforms, it’s using hashtags or groups as well.

Basically, seach for what your avatar would be searching and join those groups.

After finding the groups, you should follow what all gurus teach and interact with the posts in the groups.

Answer questions, publish thought provoking posts, connect with people.

The magic will eventually happen if you become friends

Become friends

That’s really the secret, you must become friends with your target market.

Yes, I know, this takes time and seems to go against the number’s game idea.

Think of these numbers: if you spam, you might get 1 out of 10000 to buy your stuff but if you become friends, it’s more like 1 in 2

So, yes, it’s a lot more work to “become friends” but imagine if you make 1 new friend per day?

I mean, making 1 friend a day is a lot less work than figuring out how to spam 5000 links per day!

How to save time and go faster

You’re probably thinking that all this sounds exhausting.

You’ve literally been doing this for a while and wonder when it will end.

Well, there’s a few ways to go faster.

The first way is ads, so spending money, but that is a whole other ballgame and I’m still working on beating that algorithm.

I’ve posted about creating retargeting ads and how to attract your perfect customer, but I’m still learning myself and results are not yet what I’d be happy with.

Another way is to use automation, robots or software that does the interaction for you.

Although those do work, they are dangerous to use because the platforms can eventually see you are automating things and block you.

The best way to go faster

The best way is a little in the middle.

Use some automation to gather information but do the interaction yourself.

That’s what I do… I actually built a chrome extension (a small piece of software) that will find the active users in groups you choose for you.

Then you have a list of their profiles and visit them to engage on their posts.

That’s even better than engaging in groups although you should and can do that too.

The best part is that you can try it out for free.

Yes, this is a bit of an ad for it – learn more at http://ActiveGroupUsers.com


As you can see, where to find your target market is everywhere and in the end, it’s your choice.

But, right now, the best place is really still Facebook with how they have been able to organize groups.

Everyone is in groups on Facebook, so it becomes easy to find them.

Then the secrets becomes how do you get them to buy your stuff (it’s not by spaming them)

Watch the video to learn even more on this topic and see examples.

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