My Story – Who is Jean-Serge Gagnon?

I bet you’ve seen me all over and want to know who I am.

Welcome to this episode and hopefully I’ll cover what you are wondering.

I’ll talk about where I lived and how I grew up as well as how I got to where I am today online.

I’m not sure it’s all connected to my online journey, but let’s get started.

Where did I grow up?

I’m a French Canadian and was born in a small town called Sept-Iles in Quebec, Canada.

I was born in Sept-Iles, Quebec – the red dot

I lived there until I was 6. After that we lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, North Syndney, Nova Scotia and finally my teenage years were in Gatineau, Quebec.

My parents were both educators, my father was principal in a school and later a french teacher in the governemtn and my mother did that as well.

I think the fact they were teachers is why I always had a thirst for knowledge and learned early how money works.

My family

I have a gorgeous wife and 4 beautiful daughters.

My wife and daughters at a winter event

I’m also a grandfather to 4 wondering children.

My grand kids Zavier, Maika, Zolanie, Cylus with my daughers Katia & Corissa and me

I have a younger brother and an older sister.

My brother Sebastien, my sister Yvanne and me

My parents got divorced when I was 9 so we lived with my mother until I was 16 when I chose to live with my father.

I was also divorced but got married in Aruba in 2013

My education

I never had problems in school, probably because my parents were good at making me like school, not sure.

In any case, High school was not an issue for me, I even got 99% in my computer programing class in grade “Secondaire 5” (basically 12th or 13th grade equivalent)

After High school, I went to college in Computer Sciences (actually, Technologie des Systems Ordinees which means technologies of computerised systems) and did good except that I didn’t finish and worked instead.

After 10 years, I decide to complete my degree and today have that under my belt

My first jobs

My very first job was cook ad cashier at a burger joint in a small town.

After I worked in a Radio Shack for many years, even becoming a manager of store eventually until I took my first Computer related job back in 1988 or so.

I worked in places like QMS (a laser printer company as a post sales support person), Ottawa University as a Hardware technician and finally as a programer for a company in Los Angeles called YARC Systems.

When I came back to Canada a year later, I got into the DevOps work I’m still doing today.

Getting into computers and programing

I learned to program computers when I was 16 and bought my own computer called a Sinclair ZX81 and put it together myself.

Then when I graduated high school, my father bought me a TRS-80 Model III as a graduation present.

I learned BASIC and Assembler Z80 programing, it was quite interesting to me, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

I wrote games and utilities and generaly spent all my time learning and trying new things.

Eventually, I got my own IBM clone PC, with an AMD 386 40Mhz processor, 64M of RAM and a 200Mb hard disk- that was a beast back then worth over $3000 in 1994.

Me with my brother and nephew in1994

It’s crazy how computers today have processors 500x faster, 500x more RAM and 100000x more disk space.

Seriously, the biggest computer I have now is an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core 4Ghz processor with 32G of RAM and 60Tb of disk space.

My other hobbies

I’m not just into computers either.

When I was a teenager, from 12 to 16, I was super interested in wildflowers and mushrooms, mainly because one of my uncles was into picking wild mushrooms and my aunt was very intersted in the flowers growing in the fields.

I got books to identify all those wild plants including trees and shrubs.

I was also a lots into photography.

My father bought my an entry level 35mm camera when I was 14 and I loved keepting track of what exposure and speed I used in each shot and then looking at the results after developing the photos.

Back then, there were no digital cameras, you had to take the film to get it developed and you couldn’t see the results until then – crazy right?

Getting into home based business

Around 1992, while working at Radio Shack, one of my friends and coleagues asked if I was interested in making extra money and he invited me to a business opportunity meeting in a hotel.

I was completely blown away by the concept of Network Marketing – why not get paid for doing word of mouth advertising I thought?

I was in that first company for over 4 years, went to massive events and learned all about personal development and building a buiness from home.

I changed companies and did other things but until 2015, I was convinced that network marketing, or MLM was the best business model there was.

I still think it’s a great way to learn about business but now I’m focused on online marketing instead.

I got tired of bugging my friends and family and trying to talk to strangers at the mall.

Even though I had no problem talking to strangers, it just seemed like it was a lot of work to find the right ones.

My online beginnings

It happened on Christmas morning in 2015! I took the plunge…

Back in 2015, I was looking for a way to build my network marketing business online and I found someone teaching how to do that.

He magically sent me new emails every day with a great video teaching me something else and I was loving it!

Then, in his last email, he asked me if I had heard of a system called My Lead System PRO – I said no and asked for information.

The he sent me a new video, one that I can litteraly say changed my life forever!

I was in such an excited state – I literaly couldn’t sleep for days!

Then, on Christmas morning I finally took the plunge and invested $150 into the educational and tools platform that would change my life forever!

It literally is the holy grale of any business – the attraction marketing strategies!

I was totally shocked to learn that you could actually get people to come to you without you having to bug them!


Building my personal brand since then

Of course, 2015 is a ways away and even though I thought I’d be rich in 3-9 months, I still beleive it will happen for me, like it can happen for you.

The work you put in is 90% learning and 10% executing.

I’ve been learning about Social platforms, automated emails, blogging, building relationships, creating content, finding your target market, defining your avatar…

So much more – like value ladders, sales funnels, broadcast emails, email lists, content creation rules, consitency, persistence…

There’s still lots to learn but that’s my story so far.


Hopefully I gave you a good summary of my life, even though there are certainly lots of other stories to tell, this is probably a good start.

Like how I got 2nd place in Rubbik’s cube competition in high school, how I lost $17k in bitcoins back in 2018 or how I spent over $30k in Facebook ads with no results from 2015 to 2019.

Maybe I’ll tell you those stories some day too.

For now, watch the video to get more insignts into all this.

Oh, and make sure to share with your friends using the social icons.

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