Which is best? Organic posts or Facebook Ads?

I’ve asked that question many times myself and it seems you can’t get a straight answer.

And don’t you just hate that “it depends” answer?

Yeah, I know, me too but I have to be honest here and give it to you straight: it does depend!

The good news is that what it depends on is you, so let’s talk about that.

It’s about what’s best for you

If we really get down to it, it depends on you but how do you know though, right?

The reason is the each approach is good for different reasons.

Shocker, eh?

Before we get into that though, let’s first explain something…

What is organic anyway?

Maybe you’ve heard what we mean by organic posts or maybe not.

Either way, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.

When we talk about Organic posts, we mean posts created by humans and posted on Facebook by humans actually using the platform.

We don’t mean computer generated images or text posted by humans.

We also don’t mean a virtual assistant being paid to post your content for you.

The content must be legitimate posts you are doing when you are available to do them.

Now, let’s talk about why organic is good first

Why is organic good?

Organic posts are good because Facebook needs people to be active on their platform.

This is how they identify trends and sell ads to generate their income.

If there were no organic posts, Facebook wouldn’t be able to know the best way to attract customers to ads so they wouldn’t sell as much as they do.

Because of this, Facebook really rewards you for posting organic content.

There’s a catch though: they reward you only if you’re consistent and do it for a long time.

However, the reward is substantial in reach and the longer you are consistent, the farther your post reach is and the longer it takes for reach to stop when you stop.

Why are Ads good?

On the flip side, Ads are good because you can pick who to present them to and Facebook will do exactly that.

Also, you don’t need to be spending your time on Facebook posting or engaging.

You can go about your day and Facebook will show your posts to whoever you asked them to.

It’s possible to have as many posts as you want to promote, to as many people as you want.

There’s no limit to how many people you can reach and present your message to.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Unfortunately, there’s always a bad and ugly side to everything.

This is where the “it depends” really shows through and you can decide which is best for you.

Obviously, you can do both approaches and most people do both.

I certainly do both – I post regularly, engage on posts and do ads once in a while.

What’s bad about Organic posts?

Honestly, there’s nothing bad about Organic posts.

What’s bad is what it requires of you.

You might have guessed that it’s your time and for most people that’s a valuable resource.

As I eluded to before, if you have the time to post regularly, you will definitely reap the rewards from Facebook.

We all have a few minutes a day do some organic but to be truly successful with organic posting strategies, you might need 30-60 minutes a day.

What’s bad about Ads?

This one probably won’t surprise you and that’s the fact it can be expensive, very expensive to use Ads to grow a personal brand and audience.

What might surprise you is that the cost is not the biggest issue about Ads, at least in my mind.

The biggest issue with ads is how reach goes to 0 as soon as you turn the ads off!

That’s a big contrast from organic posts that continue to reach new people days after you’ve stopped posting organically.

Of course, that depends on your consistency length, but it’s still a big negative for ads.


As you can see, it really is “it depends” and it’s all about your available resources.

Do you have time or do you have money?

Make sure to watch the video as I get more into the topic and show you lots of other interesting perspectives.

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