Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid that New Online Marketers Make

I see it every day and I am sad for those who make these mistakes so here’s what you must avoid.

In my daily activities, I connect with new people online and I see these 5 mistakes made over and over.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not better than anyone, I’ve made these mistakes myself in the beginning too.

As a new marker, there’s so much to learn that it’s perfectly normal to make these mistakes.

And trust me, almost every marketer has made all these mistakes.

What are the top 5 mistakes?

Let’s get right to it and list out these mistakes.

After, we’ll talk more about what I mean by each one and why they are mistakes, if it’s not obvious.

  1. They think their idea is for everyone
  2. They don’t enable public comments or posts
  3. They talk about their product or company
  4. They assume a single connection is enough
  5. They don’t give it enough time

Have you made any of these? I’d love to hear your thoughts too.

Maybe you totally disagree with me on some of them too, so let’s get into it so I can explain them.

Mistake #1: They think their idea is for everyone

That’s probably the most common mistake and also the most likely to not believe is a mistake.

Hear me out though.

To start with, yes, everything I do is for everyone and can benefit anyone, I’ll give you that.

You see, the problem isn’t that the idea is not for everyone, it’s just that in marketing, you can’t market to everyone.

Well, you can, but it would cost billions!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: If you market to everyone, you’re marketing to no one!

This is why we talk about having an avatar and marketing to just that person.

This allows you to focus your message and attract the right people.

You’ll also attract other people and get more sales even though you’re not marketing to everyone.

Mistake #2: They don’t enable public comments or posts

This is not your fault really, it’s social media’s fault.

I mean, social media like Facebook defaults to private posting.

When you first setup your account and you post, it will be “friends only” so, you actually have to change the post to “public”

But that’s just the beginning, there’s also other settings in your account privacy you’ll need to change.

The biggest one is the “allow public comments”

Oh, why? You ask?

Right, sorry, forgot to explain the “why” of public versus private posts.

You see, if you are trying to grow a business online, you’ll want more people to see your posts.

The way Facebook decides to show your posts to other people is by the engagement the posts get.

If only your friends can comment, that limits how many will (give only 5-10 will even see your post)

By enabling public comments, anyone can comment which will grow the reach of the posts.

Mistake #3: They talk about their product or company

Now, this one is hard to understand for many of us.

I mean, seriously, big companies do it all the time, they do ads and posts about their products, so why shouldn’t you?

To make it even worse, if you’re in a network marketing company (an MLM), they’ll usually tell you that you must tag them in posts and post about the products all the time.

Crazy, right? Why would I tell you that’s a mistake?

Well, the reason is because of what happens when you do.

First, people will think you’re only there to sell them something and they don’t like that, so they’ll avoid you.

Second, if they don’t avoid you and have some interest, they’ll google the company or product and one of two things occur. Either they will find tons of negativity and avoid you, or they’ll find positive posts and talk to that other person they found online because they have more success than you.

You don’t want any of that, right?

Mistake #4: They assume a single connection is enough

I’m not sure why we think that because nothing ever works like that.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t actually remember the tons of previous connections we had before making a decision.

Either way, it’s a mistake we often make.

What you’ll hear from top marketers is that it takes 7-10 exposures to get a sale.

The truth is that it takes 7-10 exposures to go up the know-like-trust ladder and then 7-10 exposures to get that sale.

On social media, each time they see you face is an exposure, or a connection in their brain to you.

I talk about this process in other posts too such as Course Income Secrets #381 – How to get leads and sales with Notifications on Social Media? or Course Income Secrets #389 – How to find Active Users in any Facebook group?

I use a tool I created called Active Group Users to keep track of these connections so I know when it’s time to reach out to them.

It also helps me by speeding up the process of finding who to engage with.

Mistake #5: They don’t give it enough time

It’s true, just like any other venture or business, online marketers quit long before they should.

It goes like this: You can’t win if you quit and you can’t loose if you don’t quit.

That means that you have to keep going until you win.

I know how easy it is to get discouraged, not to mention everything else that happens in our life.

Just don’t give up on your dreams – they will come true if you keep going!


As you can see, many of these mistakes don’t seem like mistakes when we first think about them.

I hope you now understand why they are mistakes so you can avoid them too.

Don’t beat yourself up too much though if you’ve been making them, it’s not your fault.

Take the time to watch the video too as I go into more details on this.

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