What is best way to grow Instagram and Twitter followers fast?

So you have a new product or profile you want to grow or you want to grow your current one.

I’ve been able to build my Instagram followers to over 4k and my Twitter to over 12k but when I got into a new space, I needed a new account.

Sure, I could have used my existing account but I’ve ran into problems before.

I used to have 23k likes on a Facebook page back in 2017 when I decided to jump in the Bitcoin world.

I don’t have it anymore though – it was banned by Facebook and deleted.

Why did I loose my Facebook page with 23k likes?

It’s hard to say exactly, because Facebook won’t actually tell you but I’m pretty sure why I lost the page.

For one thing I didn’t use their $2-$4/like ads campaigns to get the likes, but instead a method that got me 1-2c likes.

Facebook considers that to be false advertising and puts it on your profile record (not just the page)

Secondly, my page was built with attraction marketing, personal branding and social media marketing in mind but I started heavily discussion Bitcoins and cryptos.

I can just imagine a few people reporting my posts on Bitcoin as scams since they we’re even in that space and Facebook took it as my page being a scamer’s page.

So, they shut it down. No matter how much I pleaded, they never re-activated it.

What I learned from loosing my page with 23k likes?

I’m not bragging about the likes, just wanting to help you now fall in same trap, plus I don’t care that much about total likes, but rather quality and targeted likes.

Well, I learned a few things:

First, don’t use shortcuts – the platforms don’t like it and they will eventually catch on.

Second, the number of likes or follows isn’t as important as the quality of them.

So, with that in mind, let’s get into the real topic of this post.

What are the strategies for growing followers?

There are many strategies to grow your Instagram and Twitter followers.

Those strategies also work on Facebook, TikTok or any other social platform.

Some are better than others and some depend of your available time or your budget.

By far, the best strategy is to create curated content for your audience but that takes time or money.

The next strategy is follow-unfollow which basically means clicking follow and then unfollowing them right away.

This causes them to get a notification that you followed them which makes about 30% of people follow you back.

Personally, I think the follow-unfollow is shady and lacks integrity so I don’t recommend it.

Lastly is the follow/engage/wait/unfollow strategy I use.

How does that work?

Basically, you go find accounts to follow that would be interested in your content.

Keep in mind that you should be creating content they’d be interested in as well, although if you don’t have time like me, you might be creating less content but you should still have some.

Before getting into next steps though, I want to explain how to find accounts to follow.

Don’t go by what the platform suggests, at least not in beginning, they don’t know who your target audience or avatar is and they’ll recommend top accounts based on world trends instead.

What you’ll want to do is go find accounts who already serve your avatar and follow their followers or even better the accounts that engage on their content.

Next, you’ll want to visit those accounts and engage on 3-6 of their posts.

Lastly, 2-3 days later, you’ll want to unfollow them.

What to watch out for?

Keep in mind that there are limits to how fast you can do this.

On Twitter, you shouldn’t be following more than 25 accounts per day and on Instagram about 100 is good.

If you do more than what the platform allows (btw, there’s no way to know exactly the numbers as platforms don’t want us to know), you’ll get notified and blocked for a while.

Just keep track of what you are doing so you know what you did when you reach those limits so you can avoid them later.


If you follow a strategy every day, you’ll grow your account with good followers that are more likely to engage on your content which will grow your account more.

For example, I recorded this video a few days ago and I had 218 follows on Twitter and 371 on Instagram.

Today, 4 days later, I have 243 on Twitter and 428 on Instagram.

It’s not rocket speed by my followers are into what I post and they are more likely to engage.

Watch the video for more insights and details and don’t forget to share, I’d really appreciate it!

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